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posted on 12th Jul 2013

Why do we have bridesmaids? Today many people choose to have bridesmaids because of tradition and for fun. Since the middle ages bridesmaids have been responsible for helping with the preparation of the wedding.

In the beginning bridesmaids were simply hired and they did not walk the aisle. During the formation of our country, bridesmaids used to dress exactly like the bride because of spiritual superstition. People believed if they all dressed exactly like the bride evil spirits wouldn’t know which girl was being married and couldn’t harm her.

Today traditions have developed and bridesmaids wear a variety of styles and colours. Bridesmaids are usually chosen amongst close friends and relatives with one bridesmaid being the principle ‘Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid.’ They are to be entrusted on the day to look after the bride and her belongings on the day.

Other roles of a bridesmaid are emotional support for the bride, when they are feeling stressed, frazzled and drained from wedding plans. Throwing a bridal shower is usually organized by the bridesmaids and not forgetting the hen do is usually organised by the Maid of Honour!

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