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posted on 3rd Dec 2013

Traditionally the Groom will choose his ushers as the bride-to-be chooses her bridesmaids; although nowadays it can be seen as a joint decision. In tradition, ushers were seen to be unmarried however people tend to choose those closest to them regardless of whether they maybe married or not.

It is said to be one usher per every 50 guests at a wedding with a Best Man being the main person instructing them on what needs to be done. The usher’s duties on the day can be anything from showing guests to their seats, helping wheelchair users into the venue and overseeing the smooth running of the day and generally just being on hand.

Other duties include attending the stag do and possibly helping with any planning for the big day. For ushers that may not know each other it is always good to have a get together beforehand for everyone to get to know each other better.

An usher is not always expected to make a speech as these are normally done by the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man. In some cases an usher may be asked to make a speech on behalf of someone who was unable to attend.

The groomsmen must look their very best on the day, after all the bridesmaids will be looking beautiful so it is only right to look smart and feel honoured to have been asked to play a very important role on your friends or relatives big day.

Remember to arrange your groomsmen attire in advance!

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