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posted on 21st Jun 2013

Following on from last week’s blog on wedding rings, here are some interesting points about wedding fashions.

1. Queen Victoria started the Western world’s white wedding dress trend in 1840- before then, Brides simply wore their best dress.

2. In Asia, wearing robes with embroidered cranes symbolises fidelity for the length of a marriage.

3. Ancient Greeks and Romans thought the veil protected the Bride from evil spirits. Brides have worn veils ever since.

4. Grace Kelly wore a dress with a bodice made from beautiful 125-year-old lace.

5. Jackie Kennedy’s bridesmaids wore pink silk faille and red satin gowns created by African-American designer Ann Lowe (also the creator of Jackie’s dress).

6. In Japan, white was always the color of choice for Bridal ensembles, long before Queen Victoria popularised it in the Western world.

7. The marriage of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son to Princess Salama in Dubai in May 1981 came to a whopping $44 million.

8. In Korea, Brides don bright hues of red and yellow to take their vows.

9. Brides carry or wear “something old” on their wedding day to symbolise continuity with the past.

10. In Denmark, Brides and Grooms traditionally cross-dressed to confuse evil spirits

11. The “something blue” in a Bridal ensemble symbolises purity, fidelity, and love.


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