2017 nail polish trends to embrace for your wedding

Painting fingernails

In our previous blog post, we explored some of the up and coming beauty trends for spring / summer 2017. Today, we will dive into the world of fashionable nail design for the spring and summer season. Read on for the bang-on trend hues that you might like to sport for your own wedding.

Modern metallics

Metallic nails were commonplace on this season’s runways. Silver, gold, and rose golds were all popular choices – as were rainbow hues of metallic, such as blue and purple. This style of nail is cool and fashion forward, but also retains a ‘magical feel’ – ideal if you’re going for the whole princess vibe on your wedding day. Sport this nail with a metallic French tip or a metallic line, shot through a nude base, or paint the full nail in silver or gold. Metallic nails were also styled with silver and gold glitters on the runway, perfect for a super feminine bridal look.

Contrasting bright shades

Another nail trend for 2017 is bright nails with colourful accents. Many designers this season, such as Jeremy Scott, painted their models nails in bold, vibrant colours and decorated the nail with fun patterns, such as geometric or floral designs. Bright nails are always a classic, so you can’t go wrong with a bold shade of nail polish. Styled with flower designs, they make the perfect accessory for a springtime wedding.

The modern French tip

French tips can look classy but also a little retro. We like the fresh feel that modern designers are giving to this fashion classic on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways.  The designers this season, most notably the brand Creatures of Comfort, styled their models with neon-shades of French tip, sometimes with gold or neon triangles at the base, bringing a fun, modern twist to this nail polish classic. This could be a great choice if you’re after a look that is fun and modern for your wedding day.

Quirky 3D nails

Three-dimensional nails are a totally unique look, perfect for an alternative bride. These 2017 designs rocked miniature 3D models, or plastic jewels, and they bought a fun twist to the models look on the runways. Fashionisers explore the quirky charms of this look below:

“Nails are growing; not just in length, but in thickness, thanks to some incredible 3 dimensional appliques. CND was in charge of the 2017 nails at Libertine, and man, did they rock it. Each model sported a different design – in most cases, each hand sported a different design. We saw jewels, beads, pink fuzz, and my personal favorite: puppy faces! This isn’t one of those 2017 nail trends anyone could get away with, but if your job is more permissive, go for it!”

Make a statement with your wedding day nails

There are lots of fun ways to dress up your nails for your wedding; embrace floral prints, bold metallics, or the new and improved French tip for a memorable look that brings some springtime charm to your wedding style.

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