Ensure you have a Good Pre-Wedding Night Sleep

Ease your pre-wedding nerves and banish any last minute panicking by ensuring you have a good night sleep ready for your big day. Here are some tips to consider that we will hope will ensure you are all refreshed and ready to go in the morning!

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1. Take some time to relax and wind down in the hour or so before bed. This will help you to prepare the mind and body for good quality sleep. Even if you’re with family or friends the night before the wedding, try and make time to watch something funny on TV or take a bath before getting into bed.

2. Breathing techniques slow your heart rate down and are particularly good for relaxation at bedtime.

3. Cuddling a Pillow at bedtime can make you feel safe, secure and relaxed; perfect for helping you to drop off to sleep.

4. Worrying can stop you from sleeping.  To help this, choose a neutral word, like “the”, and repeat it in your head. Concentrating on a simple word refocuses the mind and allows you to drift off into sleep.

5. If tomorrow’s to-do list is racing through your mind, try writing last minute tasks down before you hit the sack. The process of physically listing everything can help your mind switch off.

6. Clock watching is a major problem amongst those who struggle to sleep as it increases anxiety about not falling asleep.  Remove your clock or mobile phone from the bedroom, or out of sight.

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7. Where possible, try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Burning the candle at both ends can lead to a cycle of poor sleep.

8. If your wedding is relatively late in the day, have a short nap (30 minutes is enough to recharge your batteries).

9. Hydration is very important for good quality sleep, as well as for your skin! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help you to keep your fluids up and sleep better at night.

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10. Don’t be tempted to take your iPad to bed with you. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to take their tablet computers to bed, to check or post on Facebook or send and check emails. This, in itself, is a stimulating activity that can prevent you from relaxing.

Try not to worry or be nervous but enjoy your evening with the company or your nearest and dearest.

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