How to have a booze free hen do

No drinkingThough images of clubs, pub, and cocktails come to mind when most of us think of a hen do, in reality – your last hurrah with your female friends doesn’t have to be boozy at all. People’s expectations of hen parties are actually changing fast – like One Fab Day says, “Hen parties these days can be made up of pregnant guests, mums, grannies, aunts or younger guests who won’t appreciate clubbing, bar hopping, endless shots and, em, “specialty” straws.” As a result, more and more women are enjoying alcohol-free hen dos. Just as much fun as their boozy counterparts: sober events are the perfect way to enjoy the build-up to your wedding hangover free.

Choose a fun activity

If your guests have something fun to focus on during the day, they probably won’t even think about alcohol. Choose something that is generally a sober affair, like a spa day, a dance class, or an adventure activity. Obviously, if some of the women in your group are pregnant, or if the bride’s gran is coming along, you’ll need to tailor your chosen hen-do activity to make sure everyone can join in.

Create a focal point for the evening

Just like the day section of your hen do, the evening part needs to have a clear focus. There are lots of options for alcohol-free evening activities, like bowling, a trip to the cinema, a meal out, or an old-school girls’ night in. Often, even if the bride isn’t drinking, the bride won’t mind if some of the hens have a glass of wine, or two, so you could provide a little alcohol for those who want it. If not, simply throw yourselves into the activity and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.


Tell guests in advance

If people know that the bride has decided to have an alcohol-free hen do, they’ll generally be more than happy to go along with it. In fact, some may even be grateful they won’t be expected to drink till the sun comes up. Tell them in advance, so they don’t think they’re off for a boozy night out and to avoid anyone complaining about a lack of alcohol on the day.

Tailor your guest list

If there are some friends that just won’t be happy with an alcohol free hen do, you could consider simply cutting them from the guest list. Alternatively, just invite them to the day section of the event and let them head off into the night to celebrate by themselves while the rest of you hunker down in front of Dirty Dancing.

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