Alternative bouquet stylings

Artificial roses

Fresh blooms are often the heart of any striking wedding-day bouquet, but how can you dress up your bouquet for a totally unique and original look? We explore our favourite ways to quirk up your wedding bouquet – from paper flowers, to quirky bouquet embellishments.

Wild flowers

One method to break away from the traditional wedding bouquet is by opting for local wildflowers. Inexpensive, seasonal and bohemian in feel, wildflowers can be a a great way to bring a relaxed charm to your look.

Paper flowers

One way to shake up your wedding bouquet is by experimenting with paper flowers, which are  a beautiful wedding trend that bring an authentic, vintage feel to any wedding day look. Paper flowers are easy to make, with many online tutorials that will show you have to craft some unique and stunning creations. You can craft your paper flowers from a range of colourful papers. You can also experiment with different textures, by embracing high-gloss, metallic and foil finishes.  One of our favourite paper flower styles incorporates the old pages of books, you can craft a gorgeous and totally unique wedding bouquet using old book pages; to make this even more romantic, why not choose your favourite romantic story for the paper blooms?

You can also match your paper bouquet flowers to your husbands floral buttonhole, by crafting a paper flower to pin through his suit jacket as well; this will add a romantic feel to your attires.

Rainbow flowers

Rainbow flowers are a great way to shake up the traditional wedding bouquet. Rainbow flowers generally use roses, the neutral shade of rose is dyed in a variety of multi-coloured hues, leaving an eye catching ‘rainbow’ style finish on the petals. These flowers work great with a summer wedding, where you’ll be embracing lots of bold colours. Most local florists will be able to style you some beautiful rainbow roses for your wedding bouquet.

Go for other materials

One of the best ways to make your wedding day bouquet more unique is to embrace alternative materials, such as buttons and brooches. Using buttons and brooches to style your wedding bouquet is the perfect way to bring a bespoke, stylish feel to your wedding bouquet. Wedding Ideas Mag note the charms of this approach:

“One of our very favourite bouquet alternatives is the brooch bouquet – these stunning creations are perfect for romantic vintage-inspired wedding days, and can be completely customised to suit your wedding day theme. They’re also a fantastic way to add a touch of elegant sparkle to your wedding day outfit, so if you love a bit of a bling, the brooch bouquet may be for you!

Brooch bouquets are a great option for DIY brides too, as making your own can be significantly cheaper than buying them readymade – just make sure you stick to cheap costume jewellery rather than shelling out for actual antique pieces!”

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