Forever autumn

Dried flowers

Parklands covered in a carpet of golden brown leaves, days when a distinct chill grips the air and all the signs that signal the year is coming to a close. Autumn is indeed a magical time, and if you’re having a wedding, it is one of the most inspirational seasons to really let your imagination flow. It’s very easy to create an autumn wedding that will enchant and delight you and your guests. From pumpkins and autumnal fruit centrepieces to a canopy decorated with twigs, leaves and dried fruit; there are myriad decoration options to go for.

With numerous things to do, such as researching the celebrations of the autumn equinox to taking a quick peruse around your own back garden for inspiration, it’s best to begin with the colours. With a broad colour palette set firmly in place, your ideas can grow properly.

The autumnal palette

Taking your colour scheme from both nature and those glorious fun activities associated with the season, such as bonfires, apple bobbing, forests filled with old oak and birch trees, you can create a palette filled with a variety of ochres, browns and dark orange for example, juxtaposed with the exuberance of yellows and reds.

If you need any help, has put together a superb 18 autumn colour inspiration guide to get you started.

Embracing all things natural

More than any other time of the year nature has an abundance of beauty you can use to decorate your wedding venue, and yourself as well. Traditional flower crowns are always a charming little addition to place on you and your bridesmaids’ heads in the spring and summer, but for autumn have a crown fashioned from bright leaves and twigs will give you that Tolkien flare.

We’ve already mentioned the centrepieces, but alongside the pumpkins and fruits, add some plump red and purple berries, not only will they look gorgeous, but it’ll give something for your guests to nibble on as they wait for their meals.

Line the walkways of your venue with leaves, peppered with the heads of red or orange roses, making a space for large church candles. This will give a warm and rustic feel to the space.

For more ideas on creating an autumnal bouquet to match, has sourced five stunning designs, something definitely to have a chat with your florist over.

Leaves in the autumn

Getting that autumn style

With the colours and décor now decided upon, it’s time to think about which style your party will adopt. As Elle Magazine put it – “Autumn nuptials offer the perfect excuse to up the glam factor! Whether for the mother-of-the-bride or a best friend, opt for looks in darker shades and luxe fabrics, and accessorize accordingly.”

For the bride, a good idea is to include a mulberry sash around the waste of your wedding dress, adding a splash of the season to the brilliant white. Also, get your bridesmaids wearing a mix of berry colours, which will emphasise the theme you have chosen.

Choosing the venue

Country House Weddings has an outstanding variety of venues, with lots to choose from, but there is one in particular that has that specific something which would complement, wonderfully, an autumn theme. Clearwell Castle, set in the rustic splendour of Gloucestershire, is heaped in tradition, with its spectacular Gothic Revival style, coupled with its surrounding rural majesty, it would seal the deal for your autumn wedding.

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at Clearwell Castle, please don't hesitate to call Charlotte via the contact details below:


T: 01594 832 320

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