Beauty tips for the mother of the bride

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As the mother of the bride, you will have one of the most important roles of the wedding day. The mother of the bride style has long been related to a refined elegance, and this is also something that can be easily reflected in your makeup.

Enlist the help of an expert

Going to a beauty expert for tailored makeup and beauty advice is a great starting point when considering your look for the wedding day. A expert makeup artist will have excellent insight into the best products on the market for the more mature women. They will also be able to give you great makeup advice on how to style your look, in order to bring out your best features.

In addition, an expert makeup artist can work on your look for the wedding day. Hiring someone to do your makeup on the day can take off a lot of the stress and the pressure that comes with perfecting the look by yourself.

Get your base right

As mother of the bride, you will likely be very busy on the big day. As such, going for a base that holds up and continues to look flawless throughout will be a necessity. Starting off your base regime with a primer will help the skin appear smooth and even, and will also ensure that your foundation doesn’t melt away during the ceremony and celebrations.

For a base, we recommend going for something that is glowing and radiant, as this will help diffuse lines and make the skin appear glowing and healthy. We love Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, it’s a cult classic and many celebrities and makeup artists use it for a glowing, even complexion. In addition, this foundation doesn’t include SPF, which is important as SPF will give your skin a ghostly cast in the wedding photos. Finish your base off with a light dusting of setting powder, to help keep everything in place.

Add a light cream blush that matches your skintone. Applying with a light hand helps to achieve the most natural look. In addition, a highlighter will bring out your features: highlight along the brow bone, the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose and the chin, for a radiant glow.

Putting lipstick on

Go for a matt lipstick

A matt lipstick is chic and flattering, no matter your age. In contrast, a satin, metallic, or glossy finish can be aging. As Brides Magazine notes: “It might look great on a teenager, but on an older woman, gloss is a no-go. “It emphasizes lines, wrinkles, chapped and thin lips — which all of us over 50 deal with unless we’re very lucky.”

Fool-Proof your eye-makeup

The wedding day is likely to be filled with tears, so investing in an eye primer, waterproof eyeliner and mascara will ensure that your eye-makeup doesn’t budge as the tears flow.

In addition, going for subtle eye makeup, such as a slight flick of eyeliner, will look gorgeous. The older you get, the thinner your brows tend to get, so it’s also a good option to fill them in with a brow pencil.

A chic mother of the bride look

As the mother of the bride, there are many tips and tricks that you can employ to help you look beautiful on that most heartwarming of days.

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