How to rock the bedhead look on your wedding day

Wedding hair style

Many brides go for a polished and sophisticated up-do. However, if you’ve chosen a more bohemian wedding theme, you may opt for a natural or even disheveled style to better match your other choices.

Get your prep work right

Obviously, on your wedding day, you don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. The bedhead look has an effortless, alluring quality to it – as though you jumped out of bed with ‘perfect’ hair – while not veering into looking too polished or done-up. When going for the bedhead look, you want your hair to be appealingly disheveled and pretty.

A good bedhead hairdo starts with hair that is in good condition, but that hasn’t been stripped of all it’s natural oils with a cleansing shampoo or other harsh shampoo.

Go for a shampoo that is moisturising and provide some volume, rather than one that gives hair a deep cleanse. The bedhead look is about trying to appear relaxed, not polished. Follow up your wash with a basic conditioner to provide softness, slip and shine to your locks.


Plan your do

Waves and curls are the best options for a bedhead look, even if your hair is not naturally curly and wavy. Curls and waves bring an undone vibe to a bridal look, whereas straight hair looks more pulled together.

Use a curling mousse if your hair is naturally curly or wavy, to help bring your natural twists out. Spray a couple of handfuls of mousse into damp hair (focus mainly on the ends) and scrunch your hair in order to form the curls. Finish your hair off with a shining serum or some spray that is designed to eradicate frizz – you want your hair to look shiny and unworried, rather than frizzy or fluffy.

If you don’t have hair that is naturally wavy or curly, then you can fake natural curls by using a good curling iron. Be sure to spray your hair with heat protector spray first, to avoid your hair becoming frizzy (and to avoid long term damage caused by heat styling).

Up hair styleIn addition, you can also go down the route of minimal effort by styling your hair in braids and sleeping in them, as Marie Claire note:

“Braid your hair when it’s still hot from drying so that the hair cools in the braids,” she says. “Or, even better, sleep on it like this. By the morning you’ll have the ultimate bedhead with no heat styling needed.”

Consider an up-do

The bedhead style can also work in a dishevelled updo; it’s an ideal choice if you’d like your dress and face to take centrestage. Pull your hair up in a messy bun and pull some strands out, let them hang loosely around your face for a pretty, carefree look.

Get the bedhead look for your wedding

Considering the bedhead look for your wedding? This look is a great choice for a relaxed wedding day, or a bohemian, free-spirited bridal style. It’s also a look that can work on anyone and requires minimal fuss and effort.

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