Wedding cakes – which filling reigns supreme?

The wedding cake plays a much more significant role than many think. It’s a deep-rooted and popular wedding tradition, one that is thought to date back to Roman times. Wedding cake history dictates that in ancient Rome the groom would break bread over the bride to symbolise the end of her purity and innocence. The wedding cake is also the centrepiece of any wedding reception, with many couples opting for elaborate designs to impress guests.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake shouldn’t just be easy on the eye. It has to taste great too. With a range of fillings and flavours to choose from, selecting a wedding cake isn’t easy. Here, we explore the most popular wedding cake fillings and flavours to reveal which flavour reigns supreme on the wedding scene.


We couldn’t talk wedding cake fillings without mentioning the most obvious. Chocolate is still the most popular filling for wedding cakes. An all-round crowd pleaser, chocolate wedding cakes are a beloved choice of cake for all

ages of wedding guest. Buttercream, raspberry, and caramel can make it into the mix – contributing to an unforgettable wedding cake. Dark chocolate wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular too and offer a refined and ‘grown-up’ option.


Couples looking for a tangy flavour, that’s the perfect amount of zest for spring and summer, weddings will love a citrus filling. Citrus fillings offer the perfect form of refreshment, particularly when paired with fresh fruit like raspberries and blueberries, or dressed with a berry compote. A twist on the traditional strawberry or raspberry jam filling, citrus offers something a little different.


A great choice for any flavour sponge, buttercream can be used as a cake topping and filling. As a filling, buttercream has many advantages, its high-fat content offering a rich and full flavour that sweetens even the most difficult-to-please palettes. It’s also a versatile choice for naked wedding cakes, a growing wedding cake trend that lets the filling shine before the cake is even cut.

Buttercreams can be flavoured with all sorts of extras to ensure your wedding cake complements your theme and taste to perfection. Coffee lovers will enjoy mocha buttercream, whilst those with a sweeter tooth will adore peanut butter buttercream.


Yes, really! Cheese – and we’re talking the savoury stuff, not the sweet cheese used to craft our favourite cheesecake desserts – is becoming the nation’s quirkiest wedding cake filling. Using huge cheese wheels, instead of sponge, this unique wedding cake option is bringing the cheese board to the wedding scene on a much grander scale. Designing a cheese wedding cake calls for just as much creativity. Design your cheese “cake” with your wedding’s style in mind as Bride Magazine details:

“Is it a rustic country or vintage affair? Or will you have the whole classic Downton Abbey country house thing going on? Use raffia and rustic wooden items for a countryside themed cheese cake and pick cheeses with texture and interesting colours, which adds to the look. Go for a pretty country look by choosing appropriate flowers, but don’t forget to match these with the bridal bouquet.”

Guests wishing to have a cake of cheese for their wedding day can purchase this creative savoury option direct from us for extra ease.


Why not take a hint from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s royal wedding and opt for a fruit filling? The most traditional wedding cake recipe around, the tiered fruit option offers a great taste that only gets better with age.

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