Top ideas for a Bollywood themed wedding

Bollywood-inspired weddings have become very popular over the years. Celebrities have been won over too; Katy Perry and Russel Brands got married on a Rajasthan tiger preserve a few years back. Bollywood has been a hot wedding theme ever since.

Bold and Bright

Indian weddings are grand, colourful and flamboyant events. What the bride and groom wear will need to look exotic and expensive to achieve an authentic Bollywood feel.

In true Bollywood style, the bride will be dressed in a designer saree made from chiffon, georgette and silk with delicate design detail. The gown will be embellished with beads, rhinestones, lace and velvet. Henna painted hands and feet tattoos are traditionally done to symbolise joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering.

Bling is a must, the more the better! Indian brides wear a variety of jewellery on their wedding day. Mehndi bangles are thought to bring good luck and good health, and are commonly worn alongside more elaborate jewels. Make-up should be bold with smoky, deep-lined eyes with indicate hairstyles.

The Bollywood groom will be dressed in woven art silk jacquard sherwani, a heavily embroidered knee-length jacket and tight fitted trousers. Khussa are Aladdin style leather shoes that curl on the toe, traditionally worn by Indian grooms.

Dazzling and Colourful

When it comes to your venue, don’t hold back. Bollywood weddings are all about fun. Be bright and colourful with jewelled tones adding touches of silver and gold. Decorate with flowers, lanterns, glitter – anything that is embellished is good for classic Indian flair. At Indian weddings, the bride and groom take centre stage. The couple sits at the sweetheart table surrounding themselves with gorgeous drapery and flowers with an overhead canopy.

Big F Day explains:

“Be prepared to go overboard with the idea right from the start because such weddings are extravagant! And why not? It is a once in a lifetime affair. Incorporate golden drapes and ribbons, pastel-hued canopies, lots of seasonal and exotic flowers to make the venue lavish.”

For your entertainment, why not hire traditional Dhol drummers, fire performers and a group of Bollywood dance performers? This is guaranteed to get the party going. Have traditional Indian musicians play during your wedding breakfast such as a sitar player, Indian flute and tabla.

Set up a Bollywood style photo booth with props. Guests will have lots of fun dressing up and taking photos, creating their own memories of your special day. Another idea is to hire a henna artist so guests can have their very own Indian tattoos done.  For a Bollywood-inspired wedding cake, go for a grand embellished cake adding Indian scrolls and decorative touches for an exotic look.

Finish your wedding celebrations with sparklers and a grand firework display. A Bollywood-themed wedding will give you and your guest a day they will never forget!

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