Bridal make-up trends made for the New Year

With a new year comes a new outlook for brides tying the knot. Although most brides want to maintain a classic look that won’t go out of date, staying on trend is just as important for impressing your wedding guests and onlookers. Your wedding dress may be the showstopper, but without the right wedding accessories you might not have the wow factor your heart desires. Your accessories choice should revolve around more than just shoes, jewellery and headwear, however.

Wedding makeup trends

The greatest accessory you have to work with is your face, a fact that makes creating a stunning bridal make-up look vital. In this blog post, we share the bridal make-up trends made for the New Year so you can embrace a beautiful look that’s hot off the catwalk at your 2019 wedding.

Colour pop

White is a favourite tradition all over the country, but adding a pop of a vibrant colour elsewhere in your ensemble will help you stand out from the crowd. Your choice of eyeliner may be the key to adding colour to your look. A simple dash of eyeliner to the lower lid is a hot trend seen at bridal fashion week. The eyeliner colour you select doesn’t have to be bright and bold to make the desired impact either, as make-up artist Vincent Oquendo explains:

“Whether it’s a subtle shade of navy or a moody midnight blue, navy accents around the eyes are a new trend in bridal beauty. Whether it’s a thin navy blue eyeliner or even a navy blue kohl eyeliner that’s smudged close to the lash line, navy is so versatile and suits any skin tone.”

Romantic red

Want to go bolder with your colourful make-up? Red lips remain a classically cool but current look that’s guaranteed to add a romantic touch to any bridal ensemble.

Heavy metal

Metallics also reigned supreme on the catwalks this year. Teamed with a cat eye, silver-foiled shadows and liners are make-up musts for brides looking to add a contemporary or even futuristic twist to their classic bridal looks. Your choice of metallic shouldn’t be restricted to just silver; there are tons of shades that make perfect choices. Brides wishing to be extra edgy and on trend should try the mixed metal look, sporting one metallic tone on the face and another contrasting metallic on the nails.

Satin sensation

The battle between matte and satin is as old as time. Whilst matte has been the top pick more recently, the satin look is making a comeback for 2019. Brides wanting to embrace a more natural look will love the moisture-laden, light-reflecting lips created by glossy and gorgeous products being favoured by artists.

The ‘no make-up’ look is no new thing, but incorporating sheen thanks to a high gloss lip will help you realise a youthful and feminine look that is a statement in itself for your wedding day.

Don’t forget the hair!

We can’t mention make-up without hair, and there are a number of hair trends that will make worthy choices for your wedding look if you’re tying the knot this year. Here are 20 wedding hair trends to get you started.

Don’t just rely on hair and make-up to define your beauty look. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding day to achieve that coveted bridal glow.

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