Bridal makeup trends for Summer 2017

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There are many pretty makeup trends that are going to be popular this spring/summer. Read on for the up and coming makeup styles, from romantic mauve lipstick to bold unicorn makeup.

Unicorn makeup

This is not as gimmicky and pre-teen as it first sounds, while you may want to leave off the unicorn lipstick – a pearlescent, metallic shade that only the most confident bride may venture to wear, unicorn makeup can look surprisingly pretty. Unicorn makeup is any kind of product – eyeshadow, nail polish, blush, or lipstick, that tends to contain multiple shades and is of incandescent or sparkling finish. This kind of makeup has been making waves around the beauty magazines and the internet and can look especially pretty on the nails or on the eyes, for a subtle incandescent glow.

Glitter was also seen both on the lips and under the eyes of the runway, if you wanted to go for a little more unicorn sparkle. Though you may want to suggest this style of makeup for a younger bridesmaid.

Blush bomb

BlushA number of beauty and fashion brands, including Marc Jacobs, embraced the blush bomb on the runways. Blush bombs are just another name for intense blush hues, applied in layers on the face. Fashion designers went for bold, bright hues, such as vibrant pinks and reds. Blush bombs won’t leave you looking over the top, if you go for a shade that suits your skin tone, go for the shade close to your natural blush tone. If you’re thinking of the blush bomb and looking for inspiration – think of Kate Middleton on her wedding day – Kate sported a vibrant pink blush that helped give her a healthy, radiant complexion. According to her makeup artist, she wore Pale Pink by Bobbi Brown.

Glowing skin

Glowing skin never seems to go out of style, at least it’s something that has been sported on the runways by models since the early noughties. Dewy skin was sported on the runways this season and is set to be big for spring/summer 2017 (nothing much new there then). It’s relatively easy to achieve glowing skin for your wedding, and it’s definitely something to embrace if you want to really healthy and striking on the day. Invest in a great chemical exfoliator, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid is wonderful for achieving glowing skin, it exfoliates the skin, brings a radiant glow and helps fight wrinkles. Paula’s Choice do a great weekly product at 10% AHA. As well as a investing in a great exfoliator, make sure to moisturise morning and night and invest in a healthy-skin boosting vitamin C serum for an even prettier glow.

Mauve lipstick

Pinterest is also a great place to look to for beauty trends. What is Pinterest loving for spring/summer 2017? Mauve lipstick is big for the season, as Allure explains:

“According to Pinterest, mauve is the new pink. While rose gold has reigned supreme recently, this more muted hue will soon be taking over your beauty routine, including your lipstick and eye shadow. Mauve shadow, when used to create a smoky eye or cut crease, will add a warm, glow-y effect to your overall complexion. And once you have your dramatic eye look down, you’ll probably want to use a more subtle lipstick. Mauve makes it easy to achieve that “your-lips-but-better” effect on any skin tone.”

Which spring and summer makeup trend will you embrace for your wedding day? All these trends can be incorporated into your bridal look, to help make your bridal beauty style all the more stylish and memorable.

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