Choosing your wedding day underwear

In the run up to your big day, you’re certain to be so preoccupied with wedding planning – and of course shopping for the perfect wedding dress – that what you’re going to wear underneath may just slip your mind. Your wedding day underwear is a vital part of your bridal ensemble.

These days your wedding day underwear is so much more than a special something for your first night together as husband and wife. It’s the ultimate accessory that’ll dictate just how comfortable, confident and sexy you’ll look and feel on your special day.

Make sure you get your wedding underwear just right with our top tips for choosing undies that’ll unleash your inner goddess.

Get professionally fitted

With recent news that 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size, getting yourself measured is a must before you go shopping for that all-important wedding underwear.

Getting properly fitted for a bra is vital, yet so many women choose not to and instead stick with the size they’ve always been or do a DIY measuring at home. Your breasts will go through many changes throughout your lifetime. Weight loss and gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding and surgery can all affect bra size. Having a bra that actually fits you will make your bust look better not to mention be a lot more comfortable.

Time it right

Be sure to time your fitting and shopping session just right. Getting measured and fitted too early could leave you at risk of ill-fitting undies on your big day, especially if you’re planning to diet or wedding day stress affects your weight. On the other hand, leaving things too late could mean your wedding dress is fitted without the right support from your underwear.

We’d recommend getting measured and professionally fitted for your wedding day underwear in time for your final wedding dress fitting. This usually takes place two weeks before your wedding date. Don’t forget to take along your shoes and accessories too!

Make it wearable

Going for purely seductive wedding underwear isn’t everything. You’ll want to look and feel great for your partner, but making sure you feel the best for you is more important. Strike the right balance between wearable and sexy. There’s tons of inspiration out there. Even shapewear that gives you the smooth, seamless look you need to hide those lumps and bumps we all have looks great.

Many brides choose to buy more than one set of wedding undies, selecting a practical and comfortable set for the day, and something a little saucier for the wedding night.

Ask for a second opinion

Most brides ask for advice from close relatives and friends about how their wedding dress looks, so why should things be any different with your underwear? You’re likely to become overwhelmed by the sheer choice of wedding underwear available. Take a buddy along to shop with you and find the style that best suits you, complements this extra special occasion and fits perfectly.

Put your dress first

When choosing wedding underwear you must consider two factors – your body shape and the style of your wedding gown. Hitched offers their advice for choosing a bra with your wedding dress style in mind:

“your dress has a low or keyhole neckline, a plunge bra will stay out of sight and out of mind. If your dress is backless, you’ll need an adhesive bra (the most invisible of them all!) or a convertible bra (which can also cater for sleeveless, one-shoulder, crisscross or halterneck dresses). Strapless bras are great for strapless dresses while bustiers are perfect if you’re wanting to cinch your waist and boost your bust at the same time.”

Your wedding underwear should give you the ultimate feel good factor, so make sure you pick a design that you love and feel comfortable wearing.

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