How to choose a band you love for your wedding day

The band or ring is the ultimate wedding accessory. As a symbol of eternal love, the wedding band has a deep rooted meaning that is just as relevant today as it was almost 5,000 years ago when rings of love started to be exchanged in ancient Egypt. In fact, the tradition of the wedding ring has never been stronger. This doesn’t make selecting the right bands for you any easier though! Read our top tips for selecting wedding bands you’ll love and cherish for years to come.

Choose your metal

Selecting a metal that suits your style and your budget is our first port of call. Whilst the traditional choice is white or yellow gold, there are so many more options on the modern wedding scene. Platinum and titanium, for instance, are becoming extremely popular with marrying couples. Another coveted option is palladium, particularly among couples who want to serve the planet as well as ensure a great wedding look. Here Tobias Kormind from 77 Diamonds explains more about palladium’s eco-friendly credentials:

“As the main precious metal used in jewellery, palladium has a few advantages over white gold. It is less dense (lighter) and is also less expensive than other precious ring metals. As gold and platinum have risen in price over the years, palladium has become a more popular material for jewellery. It is mined in various places around the world and is also sourced from recycling car catalytic converters.”

Doing your research is of the utmost importance when selecting your precious metal. There are many factors that could affect your choice, from your style preferences to the sensitivity of your skin (many wedding band metals are now advertised as hypoallergenic). Stuck between two or more precious metals? You can now mix and match with a dual or tri-coloured wedding band.

Select your shape and set

Although many couples opt for the simple band, “shaped” wedding rings are becoming more popular as brides-to-be look to complement their engagement rings. Beware of going for a style that is too trendy, though. Your wedding band has got to last the rest of your life, a fact that makes simplicity more appealing. Shaped wedding rings can be simple and classically stylish with curved and fitted wedding rings able to sit well with engagement rings.

Diamond set wedding rings are another way to add pizzazz to the simpler wedding band styles. As well as adding more sparkle to that ring finger for brides, grooms can embrace a diamond set design. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just diamonds either; there are many precious gemstones that can add glamour to your wedding ring choice.

Pick your personalisation

Personalisation is big news on the wedding scene (monogramming is the latest personalisation must for marrying couples) so why not embrace the tailored look when selecting your wedding bands? Having your wedding band personalised with an engraving is a great way to say “I love you” to your new husband or wife.

The imprint ring is another way of personalising a wedding band. As the name suggests, the imprint ring imprints the wearer’s finger with a symbol or message so that even when the ring is taken off a mark of your marriage remains. The imprint ring is also known as the ‘anti-cheating ring’ for the very same reason, and is also a growing trend in the celebrity world.

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