Choosing your season: Which time of year would suit you?

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Among the excited anticipation of finding a beautiful venue and the perfect dress, or suit, many couples may forget the importance of settling on the ideal season for their wedding. When you hold your wedding will have a great impact on every other aspect of the day; the right dress will depend on the weather and the season will impact the availability of your guests.

A summer affair

Summer is likely to bring with it warm temperatures and clear blue skies. The Summer months can allow you to show off a beautiful wedding gown, as you won’t ever need to wrap up to keep warm. However, consider how comfortable you will be in certain styles of wedding dress gowns and a full suit in the Summer heat. In addition, the heat of Summer may not be the best choice for a bride who wants to opt for a glamorous full face of makeup.

Summer is a marvellous choice if you’re planning a huge wedding with a long guest list: as generally this is a time when people have few commitments, children and teenagers for example, enjoy their summer holidays and there are no notable seasonal celebrations to be aware of. Sending out your invites far in advance will ensure that everyone has time to ‘save the date’ and can plan their summer getaways around your day.

The charm of autumn

Autumn is one of the most endearing seasons, as it offers such a gorgeous colour scheme: rustic reds, deep berries, and warm bronzes are some of the bewitching shades that you can incorporate into an Autumn wedding. A backdrop of golden Autumn leaves also make for some striking wedding photos.

However, this season may bring with it stormy skies and wet weather, so plan ahead and ensure that you can keep yourself and your guests dry and warm during the ceremony and celebrations.

The freshness of spring

Spring is by far one of the most popular wedding seasons and for good reason; think blue skies, a pleasantly warm temperature, and beautiful spring greenery and blooms.

Spring brings with it the perfect weather and backdrop for an outstanding wedding day; you won’t have to worry about your photos being ruined by bad weather – so this season is a fairly safe choice for your wedding day date.

Spring wedding

Crisp winter

Winter is one of the most alluring seasons for a wedding, thanks to the breathtaking snowy scenery it offers. A Winter backdrop can make for some out-of-this-world  wedding photos that will really stand out against a sea of spring and summer wedding photo albums.

While Winter is undeniably beautiful, it’s also one of the most unforgiving seasons. Firstly, Winter is holiday season and many people may be tied up with family commitments – this can make it an unfavourable choice if you have a huge guest list. In addition, the snow can also make travel difficult. Furthermore, if you have your heart set on a Winter wedding be sure to take into account how you can avoid your dress being damaged by the snow.

No guarantees

In addition, the season you choose may not be a guarantee of the weather you will have. As the seasons and their accompanying weather are continually being shaken up by the rapid global warming we are experiencing; Summer can no longer guarantee warm and storm free weather and Winter may not promise you that coveted winter wonderland scenery.

Still Undecided?

If you’re really struggling to settle on a season, have a read of this spot-on advice from Bridal Guide:

“Imagine that your wedding day has finally arrived — what do you see? A lush rose garden as the backdrop for your ceremony? Vineyards dripping with grapes ready for harvest? Snow-covered mountaintops? By narrowing down your potential wedding date to one season (or two) you can cut down your options in half.”

As noted above, tapping into the image you have in your mind of the perfect wedding day is a great way to help you settle on the right season for you. While there are no guarantees and you can celebrate a gorgeous wedding no matter the season, the season you hold your wedding in will noticeably shape the feel of your wedding day.

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