Don’t ruin the shot – photobombing is a photographer’s worst nightmare

Your special day has arrived, everything has been organised to perfection, and the day is set to run smoothly, just like you’ve been building up to for months now.

Except for one tiny detail – you forgot to mention on the invitations that no camera phones are allowed. You’ve hired a professional photographer to capture those precious moments on your wedding day.

In light of a recent Facebook post from a professional photographer, that has gone viral, we wanted to explore when it is appropriate for guests to take pictures at a wedding.

Why should you have an ‘unplugged’ wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when both you and your guests put down your technology for the day, whether that be phones, iPads, or cameras, and are present in the moment around you.

Meaning that you can take in the wedding and actually enjoy the moment and emotions that the day provides. Do you really want to be walking down the aisle, seeing an array of phones in front of the faces of your friends and family, having it resemble a concert stage as opposed to your wedding day?

A recent tweet from @thetimes explained how there is a growing trend for ‘unplugged’ weddings to prevent guests from ‘ruining the perfect shot’. Whilst this is one way of ensuring your day is captured perfectly, it doesn’t mean that your guests shouldn’t feel free to take photos. Consideration should be taken when the photographer is in action.

Social Media

Many weddings these days have their own hashtags so that any pictures taken will be collected in one place and be easy to find. While this is a great way of creating your very own online photo album, do you want your wedding pictures splashed all over the internet before the day is over? It is all about getting the balance right. After all, you want your guests to enjoy the wedding and be part of it, while also creating memories to capture.

Attending a wedding as a guest also comes with costs, and it’s a time for them to relax and enjoy the day too. Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to cover all bases.

Should your guests leave their cameras behind?

This is a very difficult subject to approach, as the people surrounding you will want to capture their memories of your special day too. The current trend is for this to be addressed within wedding invitations, asking guests to politely refrain from using their cameras.

Wording this in such a way that produces a positive outcome, such as ‘we want you to enjoy yourself without feeling like you are bound to modern technology for the day’, is a great way around this.

Highlighting that you have a professional photographer at the event also puts guests’ minds at ease, reassuring them that the special moments will be captured.

Maybe it’s time we all took a leaf out of the book of the older generation, and lived for the moment. For more information on how we can help make your wedding the perfect day, contact us for a chat.

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