How to incorporate embellishments into your wedding dress

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Any wedding dress you’ll find on the racks can be improved with the help of some glittering embellishments. Sparking embellishments bring a sense of drama and glamour to your wedding dress, while ribbons and bows bring a touch of vintage appeal to a bride’s look. Read more about the different kinds of embellishments you can experiment with.

Different Types of Embellishments to Consider

As Mrs 2 B points out, there is such a wide variety of embellishments to choose from that there is something for everyone:

“There are embellishments in countless cuts, colours, textures, sizes and patterns to add some extra sparkle to your wedding gown.”

Pearls add a classic, romantic charm to any wedding dress, looking beautiful and timeless and working really well on any style of vintage dress. Pearls are also perfect if you plan on wearing a pearl necklace, or pearl earrings, as they will help make your bridal look appear more put together.

Glass and plastic beads are common features on modern wedding dresses; these reflect the light well and can be arranged in beautiful designs and patterns. Glass and plastic detailing tends to be less expensive the other kinds of embellishments, so they are a great option if you are looking to bring in some sparkle, without the excessive expense. Glass and plastic beads also come in a whole host of shades, so you can match your beads to the shades of the flowers in your bouquet or reflect your overall colour scheme in your glass and plastic beading.

Bride at ClearwellCrystals add a wonderful sparkle to an ivory or cream fabric and they come in a range of sizes, so you can add or detract sparkle based on your preferences. In addition, crystals come in different shades – clear adds some sparkle, while topaz crystals bring a gorgeous iridescent sheen to the fabric of the dress. In contrast, if you’re looking for some sparkle but wish to spend less, then go for some pretty sequins, rather than the more expensive crystal.

Eging is another popular form of embroidery, commonly used to decorate wedding dresses. Edging is defined as the lace of embroidery that decorates a wedding dress, this is often seen on the hem of the dress or the bottom of the sleeves. Bows and ribbons are two other common fabric embellishments used to adorn a wedding dress, both bring a charming vintage feel to any dress.

Gems are another popular choice of embellishment. Gems are any imitation crystals (usually rhinestones) that are used to ornament tulle fabrics on the dress bodice or veil to visually add “weight” or substance to an otherwise gauzy material. They tend to be glued onto the veil in evenly-spaced intervals, but can also be applied in a pattern. Perfect if you have a certain design in mind.

Match Your Embellishments to Your Dress

When choosing your embellishments, always have your dress in mind, consider it’s design, it’s hue and the weight of the fabric (light fabrics should have smaller embellishments and less of them).

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