Engagement party planning tips from the experts

You don’t have to wait until your wedding date to throw a big party. An increasing number of couples are celebrating their engagements with a well-timed shindig.

Whether opting for an intimate affair or a more elaborate occasion, throwing an engagement party offers the perfect way to celebrate this milestone event with your nearest and dearest. An engagement party also provides a great opportunity for friends and family members, who haven’t met, to get well acquainted before your big day.

Planning an engagement party will certainly put your organisation skills to the test before the business of wedding planning begins. You don’t have to face planning alone however. Here, our experts share their top tips for engagement party planning.

Start with your guest list

Knowing how many guests you’re working with is a great place to begin when planning an engagement party. Your venue choice and catering are just two elements that will be impacted by how long your guest list is.

Most couples choose to keep their engagement party guest list more intimate as they may not be sure at this stage how big they want their wedding to be. There is one rule you should stick to when creating your engagement party guest list however, as LoveToKnow details:

“No one should be invited to the engagement party who isn’t going to be invited to the wedding. While a couple’s plans and budget may change between the time of the party and the wedding, it is impolite to invite people to the engagement party whom you know will not be on the wedding guest list.”

Select your venue

Regardless of whether your engagement party is to be big and formal or small and informal, there are generally a wider range of venues to choose from. A fact that can make selecting just one place to host your party difficult.

Low-key celebrations can be hosted at home or at another family member’s abode. If you want to keep the guest list small but host a more formal gathering, hiring a private dining space at your favourite restaurant is an excellent option.

Create a gift registry

One of the many perks of throwing an engagement party is all the lovely gifts you’re likely to receive. Make sure your guests have the information they need to pick the perfect present for you by setting up a gift registry. Gift registries shouldn’t after all be reserved for weddings. They’re easy and free to set up.

Attending an engagement party in the coming weeks? Check out these great engagement gift ideas to ensure your newly-engaged friend or family member receives a real treat.

Take care of the details

As the saying goes “the devil is in the detail”, and your engagement party should be full of touching mementos that relate to your journey as a couple so far.

The surrounding theme and décor doesn’t have to be complicated, the focus should be on celebrating your recent engagement. A few simple floral arrangements or centrepieces are all you need to enhance your chosen space and boost that party vibe.

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