How to find the perfect shoes for your wedding dress

Bridal shoes under a veil

Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding can make all the difference: your shoes can make you feel all the more confident and comfortable in your wedding day outfit.

Your shoes can help express your personality and bring colour and charm to your wedding day outfit. From satin red pumps, to metallic stilettos, and technicolour wedges – the opportunities for expressing your personality and individual style are endless. In addition, you’ll want to make sure your shoes are incredibly comfortable, can hold up throughout the ceremony, work well with your dress, and compliment your overall build and look.

Plan for your comfort

In order to make sure your shoes are super comfy and can keep you going throughout the ceremony and late night festivities, be sure to try them on before you buy them and give them a practice run: wearing them around the house for a day to see how your feet feel.

In addition, you can also purchase specially designed wedding shoes that have been fitted with extra padding and that have been designed with comfort and durability in mind, especially for the wedding day.

Make sure your shoes work with your dress

Try your shoes on with your dress and have your dress altered, so that it works with your shoes. Many brides have their hemlines shortened, so that their heels don’t catch on the bottom of their dress.

In addition, don’t underestimate the important role your shoes will play in your overall look, especially if you go for a shorter dress style or one where your shoes will be keenly on display; you might like to carefully consider how they will fit with your dress and your style for the day.

Express your style

Your wedding day shoes are a wonderful accessory to play with; bright colours, towering heights, and fabulous fabrics are all ways in which your shoes can express your personal style and bring a special feel to your overall look.

A pair of red high heels

Consider the season

Are you a winter, summer, spring, or autumn bride? Key to picking a great pair of shoes, is making sure that your shoes will work under any kind of weather. Do you need to keep your feet warm and dry? Or are you considering how your shoes can help to keep you cool in a warmer season? An open-toed wedge would be perfect for summer, while higher court shoes or boots would be ideal for frostier weather.

Make sure the shoe fits

When shopping for wedding shoes, make sure that you try on various styles and sizes and practice walking in them to see that they fit well. As Alice Bow, writing for the The Wedding Fairs, notes “You don’t want to end up like Cinderella and lose a shoe half way down the aisle!”.

The perfect fit

Your shoes can make your bridal outfit and help you feel all the more glamorous and special on your wedding day, so finding the right pair for you is a pretty important job!

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