Flat bridal shoes needn’t be boring

Flat shoes

As any bride can tell you, the vast majority of your wedding day will be spent on your feet. From walking down the aisle to posing for photos, chatting to guests and dancing the night away, you’re likely to spend 80% of your day walking, standing and boogieing.

Unless you want to end your day feeling fed up, grumpy and sore, wearing comfortable shoes is a must. A stylish pair of easy-to-wear flats will help you to enjoy your wedding day even more and ensure you remember it for all the right reasons.

However, just because you decide to wear flats on your wedding day doesn’t mean your shoes have to be boring. There are a huge variety of styles out there to choose from, giving you a lot of different looks to try out when it comes to selecting your footwear.

Why shun heels?

As Inside Weddings puts it:

“Dancing in heels is so difficult for some that there are specific classes on it! Plus, you’d hate to find out that you didn’t spend enough time breaking in your new shoes and find yourself spending your honeymoon nursing a gigantic blister.”

For many brides, the fear of uncomfortable footwear is enough to convince them flats are the way to go. If you’re still not sure, take a look at these ideas for making your flat footwear a bit more flamboyant.

Add some sparkle

Sparkly footwear

Choosing a pair of shoes with a little sparkle will help to make your flat shoes more eye-catching. Select a pair covered in sequins or opt for footwear adorned with a few sparkling jewels. As you’re throwing moves on the dance floor the lights will catch the detail on your footwear and make your shoes sparkle.

Go casual

If you’re not really a stiletto sort of girl, why force it? If you feel happy and comfortable in casual footwear, try a stylish pair of Converse or a practical pair of trainers. Perfect for the bride who likes to do things her own way, white or brightly coloured sneakers could be the perfect solution for your big day.

Go retro

Flat shoes

Adding a little retro chic to your shoes is a great way to make flat footwear more stylish. Try a 1950s or 60s influenced design to add glamour to your wedding outfit or go even further back in time with 1930’s inspired brogues.

Forgo footwear

Another option is to forgo footwear altogether. The perfect choice for a summer wedding, a barefoot bride can look truly sensational – just make sure the aisle is clear of all sharp objects before you begin your approach.

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