Florals to Feature Big Time in 2020 Weddings – From Decorations to Drinks!

Flowers have always been a significant element of weddings. In fact, the use of flowers in weddings goes all the way back to Ancient Rome when the bride would carry a bouquet of flowers as a symbol of new beginnings, fidelity and fertility

Today flowers are an important aspect of your wedding day, but this year flowers are set to be bigger business than they ever have been before. Flowers are being held as this year’s number one wedding must-have, find out more about finding your perfect blooms below. 

Having fabulous arrangements of flowers at your wedding can help brides and grooms to achieve so many different looks and themes. From dreamy, rustic arrangements to contemporary, highly polished urban arrangements, flowers are one of the most versatile areas of styling your wedding. 

No matter where you are getting married, there are flowers to suit every venue. Gloucestershire’s Clearwell Castle is an impressive Gothic revival venue that looks positively heavenly when heavily decorated with sumptuous displays of flowers. Enormous displays of flowers adorning every inch of your venue from the church or ceremony room, to the tables, doorways, ceilings, bathrooms — you name it. 

And don’t just think about the traditional floral arrangements of garlands, posies, wreaths and bouquets. Floral arrangements for 2020 weddings need to have some extra ‘wow’ factor by being turned into attention-grabbing sculptures that will turn your guests’ heads. Flower clouds, flower moons and half-moons will be seen at weddings across the country as one of this year’s top wedding trends. 

Covering every square millimetre of your venue is the must-have look to achieve if you are getting married in 2020. What’s so wonderful about this hot wedding trend is that it combines with so many other wedding trends, like the other hot 2020 wedding trends of Roaring 1920s-themed weddings and sustainability

Of course, there are so many different types of flower that you’re probably wondering which flowers should feature most in your arrangements. The ‘It’ flower for 2020’s weddings is the rose. This classic bloom is exceptionally versatile, as there are so many different varieties in so many different colours, so there will be types to suit every wedding. They’re easy to introduce into your arrangements and look exquisite arranged in bridal bouquets as well as flower crowns. 

Moreover, roses will also fill your venue with their beautiful scent, adding to the romance of your whole day. You can even test the boundaries of convention by daring to use dried flowers as a theme for your day. This trend started last year but has started to pop up all over the place. Featuring large amounts of foliage in wedding floral arrangements has been hugely popular over the last few years but in 2019 we started to see the end of this trend as dried pampas-grass clouds and arches, dried hops and wheat sheaves started to grace a wide range of wedding venues. 

They are the perfect adornment for summer and autumn in weddings. For Christmas and winter weddings dried fruits and branches are ideal and just as reasonably priced as foliage!


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