Flower jewellery – how to wear it and where to find it

Flower headband

For a number of years, the flower crown has been a staple of boho-chic and English country themed weddings. Encircling the bride’s head with seasonal blooms and colourful petals, flower crowns have been worn by thousands of brides in ceremonies across the country.

If you’re not sure the flower crown is for you, or if you just want something a little different for your bridal headwear, there is an alternative out there: jewellery. Longer lasting and harder wearing than real flowers, crowns made from precious metals and stones could be the next big thing in wedding wear.


Jewelled floral halos are a good alternative for brides who still want a hairpiece that encircles their entire head. Worn parallel to the ground, these beautiful accessories will add a stunning sparkle to your wedding look. As @brides says “Ranging from simple and thin designs, to detailed and dangling jewel-encrusted pieces of art, bridal halos are growing in popularity and for good reason — they’re gorgeous.”



Forget the clumsy Alice bands you wore when you were 12, these days bridal headbands are seriously sophisticated. Comfortable and easy to wear, a headband is a great choice if you just want to put your hair accessory in at the beginning of your wedding day and then forget all about it. A lot of bridal headbands have extra jewelled floral adornments down one side to allow you to add a bit of bling to your hairstyle. This can look great when matched with vintage-style gowns and can add a fantastic extra touch to your bridal look.


The tiara has long been a popular wedding accessory so it’s no surprise that many are now getting a floral makeover. Match your flower themed tiara with a princess-style dress or a retro gown to add a bit of glamour to your wedding outfit. In general, silver tiaras look best, especially if you’re wearing a white or off-white gown. But you can experiment with different metals if you’re looking for a more individual aesthetic.

wedding tiara

Where to find flower jewellery

Floral accessories are available from a lot of bridal shops and specialist jewellers. If you bought your rings, necklace, earrings and other wedding jewels from a local boutique, visit them to see if they have any matching headpieces with a floral twist. If you want something a little more unique, you can also look online on Etsy and Not on the High Street. These sites offer hand crafted and original designs and are the perfect port of call for brides who don’t want anything mass produced or generic in their wedding outfit.

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