How to have a French flavoured wedding in England

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Effortlessly stylish and hopelessly romantic, the French know a thing or two about throwing a great wedding. Their love of all things amour, combined with their mouth watering food and their legendary passion for fashion have meant that the French enjoy some of the best weddings on the Continent. As a result, many UK couples borrow some wedding ideas, influences and ingredients to host their celebrations this side of the Channel.

As well as giving the day a distinctive look, a French-flavoured wedding is a great opportunity to go all out on your menu, your décor and your playlist. Helping you to create a truly romantic setting, a Francophile wedding could be the perfect choice for your upcoming nuptials.



You can’t choose a French theme for your wedding without going all out on the menu. The French have a strong bond with food, so it’s important you choose authentic ingredients and well-known flavours. As Zankyou US says “you can easily serve a whole French menu, or if that seems a bit too much, it´s easy enough to choose just one or two elements to add just the right touch”. Opt for an indulgent menu stuffed full of French classics, serving up a selection of irresistible pâtisserie treats and cheese boards for dessert.


Wine is another area where the French dominate the world market; and as such, wine is an integral part of any Francophile wedding celebration. The country has produced some of the best vintages ever made, and offers a huge variety of grapes, flavours and brands, giving you plenty to choose from on your big day. What’s more, as France is the home of Champagne, a French wedding is a great excuse to indulge in a few expensive bottles of bubbles.


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If you really, really love France, (or if you and your other half met in France!) you might be tempted to decorate your venue with the Tricolores, baguettes and berets. However, most couples will generally go for a more subtle look, using classically French colours like lavender and pastel shades in their décor and keeping the space as stylish and sophisticated as possible. Couples that want a rustic French look can use a variety of props in their wedding design, placing old bicycles, traditional baskets and weathered tables around the space to create a fantastic aesthetic.


Over the years, France has produced some fantastic musicians and the country boasts a rich back catalogue of outstanding songs and albums. Though you may not want to play French classics all night long, including a few well known floor-fillers in your playlist will help to emphasise your theme and give your wedding entertainment a distinctly French feel.

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