Good luck charms for your big day – from pennies to pants!

As one of the most significant days in anyone’s life, it’s no surprise that weddings have a lot of traditions and superstitions associated with them. From throwing the bouquet to avoiding your partner before the ceremony, brides and grooms have to adhere to a number of important rules on the day they say ‘I do’.

If you’re approaching your wedding day and want to know why you have to wear a sixpence on your shoe or give your guests sugary sweets, take a look at our guide to the most important good luck charms and traditions around.

A lucky penny

We all know the phrase ‘find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck’. Pennies are given to brides on their wedding day for the same reason – to bring luck. In ancient times, people believed that metals like copper and silver were gifts from the gods. Carrying metal with you when you went on a journey would therefore help to bring you luck and protection. Traditionally, brides would have kept a sixpence in their shoe throughout their wedding day to ensure their marriage was a success.

A love spoon

Love spoon

Originally a Welsh tradition, the giving of a decoratively carved wooden spoon was thought to bring a newly married couple good luck and a happy home. Traditionally guests would carve a unique spoon especially for the happy couple. These days however most people buy a ready made utensil from the local shop.

A pair of lucky pants

If you have a pair of lucky pants, they’ll probably form the base of your outfit on your wedding day. Whether they suit the rest of your attire or not, a nice pair of comfortable, fortune-inducing briefs can help you to feel calmer and more confident on your wedding day.

Sugared almonds

Sugared almonds are a traditional good luck charm in Greek and Italian weddings. Traditionally, the happy couple give them out to guests on the day. The sweet coating symbolises the hope that the couple’s life will be sweeter now that they’re married. As @MarthaWeddings says:

“Normally given in odd numbers, the most common practice is giving out five to represent the five wedding wishes: fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity.”

Bride in wellies


Although having the heavens open on your wedding day may not seem all that lucky, in many cultures a downpour when you say ‘I do’ is considered very fortuitous. Like many other wedding traditions, rain represents fertility and purity. So, if the thunderclouds are gathering as you’re getting ready for your big day, just try to remember how lucky you are.

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