Getting a good night’s sleep the night before

Recent research has revealed that Britain is one of the most exhausted nations on the planet, a stat that means getting enough sleep before your big day isn’t going to be easy. Sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and a sound beauty regimen. In fact, those hoping for that coveted wedding day glow should put getting a good night’s sleep the night before at the top of their list of priorities.


Wedding planning stress and other factors can prevent you from getting the beauty sleep you need. With the following top tips, you can switch off and be in the land of nod – avoiding the dark circles, puffy eyes and dull skin that lack of sleep causes – before you know it.

Stick to your bedtime routine

Establishing a bedtime routine in the run up to your wedding day will stand you in good stead for a better night’s sleep the night before your wedding. Working out how much sleep you need is the best place to begin, as contrary to popular belief not everyone needs 8 hours per night. There are many factors that affect how much sleep you require, with your age and gender both playing a part in how many hours are required. Generally, the average person needs to experience five sleep cycles of 90 minutes each per night to feel fully replenished by sleep. That’s around 7.5 hours in total!

Now you know how much sleep you need, creating a comforting ritual that will help you relax enough to slip into sleep is the next step. Sleep Junkies provides some helpful advice on doing just that:

“Establish a soothing wind down routine. Once you shut down all stimulating activities and get ready for bed, it’s important to quiet your brain for sleep. Create a tranquil atmosphere by turning down the lights and choose a relaxing activity. Meditation, journaling, yoga stretches, listening to relaxing music, and reading are all good options. Once you decide what relaxes you, do it every night. Make your bedtime routine simple, consistent and relaxing.”

Sleep well

Eat and drink your way to better sleep

As the saying goes “you are what you eat” and what we consume in the hours before bedtime can make a huge difference to your sleep length and quality. The night before your wedding may be the perfect time to indulge in terms of pampering and relaxation, but try not to binge on comfort food. Avoid heavy meals in the hours before bedtime, and instead opt for a light evening meal full of digestible ingredients. Oily fish is a great choice as the omega-3 it contains has been proven to help regulate sleep.

Create a sleep friendly setting

Whether you’re staying at home, bunking up in your old room at your parents’ house, or indulging in one of our night before packages, creating a sleep friendly setting is highly recommended. Make sure the temperature of the room you sleep in is just right. A temperature of between 18 and 20°C is reported to make the best quality sleep possible. Dim the lights and make the room itself comfortable and calming. Many brides choose to scent the bedroom with a soothing fragrance and there are several tried and tested pillow sprays you can use to achieve this.

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