Love the ‘20s and want a Great Gatsby themed wedding?

Pearl necklace

After the sell out success of Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby in 2013, flapper-style weddings have been one of the most popular wedding trends. Whether it was due to Leo Di Caprio looking super dashing, or Carey Mulligan looking simply divine – with her neat blonde bob, a flapper or prohibition themed wedding is sure to make your wedding go down with a swing.

There are all sorts of ways to create a jazzy ‘20s inspired wedding. An extremely easy way to instantly set the tone of your wedding is to choose an appropriate venue which immediately sends out the right vibes to your guests about the sort of day they will be enjoying with you. There are some ways you can intensify your Roaring Twenties style on your Big Day in addition to finding the outfits for you and your groom in your ‘20s setting.

Prohibition cocktails for your bright, young things

Art Deco influenced canapés need to be washed down with prohibition cocktails in your luxurious setting. The Roaring Twenties were of course famous for the prohibition era in America. A nod in that direction and an easy enhancement of your theme is to have some classic cocktails whipped up as your guests welcome drink whilst you’re off having your photos after the ceremony or keep the drinks flowing by offering the cocktail throughout the day. You could even make your own and name them after the two of you! One of the most notable features of the prohibition era was the ways people attempted to evade the law by hiding in alcohol in all sorts of weird and wacky ways. You could present your cocktails in jam jars, clean Golden Syrup or Black Treacle tins or scout style white and blue enamel cups. Although nothing beats serving your cocktails in classic cut glass.

Flapper dresses and finger waves

Almost as important as perfecting your vintage bridal look is ensuring that your bridesmaids look the part. Of course flapper dresses will look magnificent but keep working the look by going all the way with the hair and make-up. Finger waves, pin curls, and bobs will finish your Jazz girls’ look off a treat! There are so many beautiful 1920’s dresses out there for brides and bridesmaids alike.

Wedding stationery

You can start giving clues about your theme the second you send out the save the dates, or invitations. Choosing art deco designs for your stationery, including any signs, the table plan, and place names will really bring your theme to the fore.

Art deco style

Art Deco accents

Cutlery, glassware, napkins and centrepieces can all be jazzed up to suit your theme. Tall plumes of feathers arranged in vases, glitter, gold and pearls all shout 1920s and you can either go lavish in your interior styling or do little touches to match your theme and budget. There’s so many ways you can infuse your venue with the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties!

All that jazz

In addition to booking an impressive jazz band you could wow your guests by dancing your first dance as a Charleston. Learning to dance with your partner is an excellent bonding activity you can enjoy together on the run up to the wedding with your fiancé as well as getting some exercise you can laugh about together. @BookMeVintage says that booking a live jazz band is a sure fire way to create, “A fantastic atmosphere”!

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