Tips on choosing wedding day accessories for grooms

As the groom, you may often feel overlooked when it comes to advice on attire and accessory choices. Don’t fret, our guide will help you narrow down your accessory choices as the groom.

One way of making your look more exciting is by going for quirky, fun accessories. You may feel like there’s little you can do with a classic suit, but there are a number of accessories you can choose from to help brighten up your look.



Cufflinks give you a great opportunity to play around with some stylish looks. There are a number of original cufflink options on the market, perfect for personalising your suit and giving you a cool edge. You could match your cufflinks to your socks, to your tie or even to your eye colour.


Bow tie

Bowties are an option for grooms with an unorthodox dress sense. There are a number of styles on the market. Go for bowties in unconventional prints, such as polkadots or stripes. To give your bowtie an edge, why not go for one styled from a luxe fabric like silk, or adorned with sequins for a disco feel!

Pocket Squares

Another fun way to bring some more colour to your wedding day look is by opting for a colourful pocket square, as the Knot says:

“Besides his tie, the easiest way for grooms to get a little colorful with their wedding day ensembles is with a crisp, smart pocket square. Go light, dark, or all-out quirky—the only rule for this must-have accessory is that it be expertly folded (here’s your how-to). We’re especially loving the fun banana leaf and champagne bottle versions from the Ovadia & Sons collaboration.”


Waistcoats are a classic wedding day accessory that can bring a real charm to your wedding day look. There are a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from – be sure that yours goes with your suit and works with your wedding colour scheme.

Match your accessories

While you don’t want your accessories to match too closely (shy away from accessories that are all the same colour), you don’t want them to clash either.  When shopping for your accessories, be sure that they work together before buying. Go for accessories that share the same colour scheme and that work with your own wedding colour scheme.


Shop around

When shopping for your wedding day accessories, go beyond the suit shops and high street stores. You are more likely to find one-of-a-kind accessories by shopping in vintage shops or through online retailers, such as those found on Etsy. In addition, by choosing to shop somewhere like Etsy, you can narrow down your choice based on your interests. You can shop for wedding accessories for a groom, or for accessories that reflect your interests.

Remember these simple ‘rules’
As a groom, experiment with fun, colourful accessories, shop around and make sure all your accessories match. These fool-proof accessorising ‘rules’ will ensure you look cool and stylish on your wedding day.

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