How to plan ahead for cold, wet weather – an essential guide for winter weddings

There are many often underrated benefits of hosting a winter wedding, but it’s also important to note that living the winter wedding dream doesn’t come without its challenges – the weather being one of them!

The great British weather can leave you and your guests in a particularly sticky situation during winter, and can even disrupt the logistics of your special day as Weddingbee details:

“The problem with winter is the weather. Especially if you live anywhere north, you know how terrible the snowstorms can get. When you’re planning your date a year ahead, it’s impossible to know whether you’ll get a flurry or a full-on cataclysm. Those guests that are travelling, from even an hour away could be snowed in. Not to mention your musicians, if you have any, and any vendors like catering and photographers.”

Planning ahead for the cold, wet weather is the key to preventing the big day mishaps that could make your wedding unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Do just that with our essential guide below…

Allow extra time… for everything

Bad weather can slow everything down considerably, which can make planning your wedding timeline a real pain.

When organising the timings for your wedding day, be sure to allow extra time for everything, including travelling to your wedding venue and taking wedding pictures outdoors.

Work with your venue and suppliers

You don’t have to deal with bad weather planning alone. In fact, by working closely with your venue and your suppliers, you shouldn’t even have to get involved at all on the wedding day itself.

Your venue and suppliers are likely to be well versed in preparing a plan B (or even C) in light of cold, wet weather conditions. You should enquire in detail about what these provisions are long before your winter wedding date to put your mind at ease.

While we’re on the subject of wedding venues, selecting a setting that will double as your ceremony and reception venue – like ours! – is a great idea for winter weddings in particular. By hosting both in the same venue, you and your guests won’t have to travel multiple times and could even stay over.

Keep you and your guests toasty

During the wedding planning process, much thought is certain to go into creating the perfect atmosphere. Don’t let bad weather put a dampener on these plans.

There’s nothing worse than feeling wet and cold, so invest in a few accessories to protect you and your guests from the elements.

Using faux fur chair covers; accessorising you and your bridesmaids with stylish cover-ups; providing blankets, umbrellas or wellies for everyone to use; making use of Clearwell’s many open fires; and setting up a hot chocolate or marshmallow roasting station are all cute, practical ways to make your wedding nice and cosy.

Winterise your bridal ensemble

As well as donning a stylish cover-up to keep out the chill, you can go a few steps further to make your bridal look winter wedding-ready.

Choosing a long-sleeved wedding dress style is a great place to start, whilst your choice of footwear will also make negotiating your wedding venue both indoors and out easier in bad weather. Have some thick tights on standby too for an extra chilly wedding day.

Take out wedding insurance

We always recommend taking out wedding insurance, whatever time of year you’re tying the knot. It’s particularly crucial during winter, with most policies providing coverage for storms, snow, and supplier no-shows.

Take these top tips for coping with the harsher weather during winter on the road post-wedding by exploring the UK’s most romantic places for a honeymoon or mini-moon.

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