How to choose your perfect wedding dress

After booking their wedding here at Clearwell Castle, we often find that one of the first- and most daunting- tasks that our Brides tackle is choosing their wedding gown, but how do you go about it and where do you begin?

Your wedding dress should make you feel like a princess for the day and it should also be one of the most flattering outfits you have ever worn. Your perfect gown should complement and flatter you in all the right places so before you frantically flick through wedding magazines for inspiration or spend countless hours looking online we would suggest thinking of the following issues;

Your Venue

As with any outfit, before you begin to think about choosing your wedding dress you need to consider where you will be wearing it so that it is in keeping with your chosen venue. The majority of our Brides who are lucky enough to get married here at our stunning Castle decide upon a dress that reflects the grandeur and beauty of its surroundings.

Your Figure

Before you think about buying your wedding dress, we would suggest thinking about the style of dresses that usually suit you and that you look the most flattering in. No matter what your size or shape, there is a wedding dress that will complement your figure beautifully. The most important thing to remember is that you feel comfortable and confident, so we would suggest using the expertise of a sales assistant who works within a bridal wear shop to discuss the shapes and styles that you prefer.

Time of Year

It is always important to think the time of year and season in which you are getting married, and therefore the type of weather you would be likely to experience (not that you can always tell given our typical British summers!). If for example, you are getting married in the summer you may want to consider a lighter fabric as opposed to something maybe long-sleeved for the winter months.

Your Skin Colour

Wedding dresses come in an array of beautiful colours nowadays, but traditionally wedding gowns are available in all shades of white, cream and ivory so please don’t think you have to opt for pure white. If you are very pale, we would avoid opting for a bright white as it will only make you look even paler. Also, we would suggest considering the colour of your bridesmaids dresses and the theme of your wedding so that your wedding dress complements your chosen colours and palate.

We would recommend jotting down a note of all your choices based on the considerations we have listed above. Thinking about all these important aspects before you go shopping will really help, but a good sales assistant should really ask these questions so now you’ll be prepared with all the answers!

The aim is not only to choose a wedding dress that looks flattering and is affordable, but one that reflects your personality so all the very best of luck ladies– we know you will look amazing whatever dress you choose!

Becca at Clearwell Castle

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