How to tackle your wedding table plan.

I found doing my wedding table plan one of the trickiest tasks when planning my wedding! Below are some tips that should hopefully help you when doing yours-

The top table is the main seating area, and you have two options when it comes to deciding who will sit on it. You can either reserve it for yourself and your new husband, or you can add members of the Bridal party- this decision will be based on personal preference. Following tradition, the Groom sits to the right hand side of the Bride; the Bride’s mother sits next to the Groom, with the Groom’s father next to her; the father of the Bride sits next to the Bride, whilst the Groom’s mother sits next to him. However you don’t have to follow these rules- do what feels comfortable for you!

The best man and maid of honour will also normally sit at the top table. Normally, their partners won’t sit at the top table. You could have separate tables for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and seat them with their partners. This works particularly well if any of the partners are unfamiliar with your guests.

When it comes to the rest of your guests, try and seat them together based on whether you think they’ll get along. Whatever you do, avoid playing match-maker and seating guests based on their marital status!

If you’re inviting half a dozen or more children to your wedding, a kid’s table- complete with colouring books, games and other bits to keep them occupied is a fantastic idea!

Keep things flexible– guests might not show- and equally, a few extras who forgot to RSVP might turn up unexpectedly. Ask your venue to allow for changes to the guest-list… within reason, of course! It is a good idea to think about doing a final table plan that can easily be changed and jigged if need be!

You won’t be able to please everyone- try as you might, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. Don’t stress out about the table plan – on the day itself, you will be so busy enjoying yourself that it won’t even occur to you!

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