How to master the natural makeup look for your wedding

Natural makeup look

Many brides are drawn to the natural makeup look for their wedding, fresh-faced beauty is romantic and looks effortlessly striking in wedding photos; it also has the added charm of being a timeless beauty look – you won’t have to explain away bold eye-shadow choices to your future children!

The natural makeup look is easy to obtain, with a few key products and some basic techniques. Read on for a breakdown of how to achieve the look for your wedding day.

Start with a clear canvas

To avoid loading up on foundation, primer, and powder; you’ll want to get your skin in great condition for the wedding day. The key to clear and glowing skin is making sure that you have your skincare routine down.

Jumping on the skincare bandwagon is unlikely to have much effect, as skin can take up to 30 days to reap the benefits of a new skincare regime. It’s important to give yourself at least a month or two of nourishing your skin in order to reap the benefits on the day.

You don’t need to invest in bottle after bottle of expensive serums, a simple routine that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturising, and also includes some key skin friendly ingredients will help your skin appear beautiful on the day.

A simple routine begins with morning and evening cleansing. Invest in a non-foaming cleanser, as foaming cleansers tend to strip the skin of their oils, which leads to dry skin and breakouts. At the end of the day, make sure that you double cleanse if you have been wearing makeup and SPF, as these can stubbornly adhere to your skin and cause it to appear dull, if you don’t adequately clean your skin in the evening.

Follow up your cleanse with moisturiser, which is key to clear, even, flake-free skin. In addition, exfoliating will provide an excellent solution to most skin conditions; investing in a good chemical exfoliant will go a long, long way in helping your skin appear clear and radiant. AHAs are fantastic for helping to refine the look of dry skin with fine lines and will leave your skin glowing. In comparison, BHAs are great for shrinking pores and helping to clear up acne and many people swear by a good BHA exfoliant for clear, even skin.

There are also a few ‘super’ ingredients, which will help give your skin a moisture and radiance boost. Vitamin C is one such ingredient, touted as an anti-aging and radiance superstar, dermatologists argue that this is one of the very best ingredients for clear, glowing skin. Many companies produce expensive vitamin C serums, but a sneaky internet browse on Amazon will help you find a great, inexpensive serum yourself.

Revlon makeup

Find the right foundation

Look for a foundation with a natural finish. Foundations come in a variety of finishes, and opting for a super-matt or a super-dewy formula won’t look as natural as one that offers a more natural finish. Foundations that offer a light dewy glow (rather than a foundation loaded with sparkles) will look the most natural.

In addition, it’s important to find a foundation that works with your skin’s undertone for a truly natural look: if you’re blue based skin (that blushes easily, and your veins appear more blue than green), opt for a foundation with pink undertones. In contrast, if your skin has a more yellow tone to it then you’ll look best in a yellow-based foundation.

Finishing touches

To complete your look, go with a cream blusher, for a natural finish that matches your skin-tone. Highlighter can help you appear healthy and glowing, but opt for one in a cream formula for a natural look. Avoid setting your makeup with powder, as this can give an unnatural finish to the skin.

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