What to pack in your emergency wedding kit

After years of meticulous wedding planning, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, accidents do happen. In fact, the smallest wedding disaster can have the impact of a nuclear explosion on your wedding day and could even put a dampener on your entire celebration. The quest for the perfect day is just one of the things we aim to offer at our stunning, exclusive and multi-award-winning wedding venue. Having your own emergency wedding kit in tow, alongside the help and support of our team, will ensure those wedding disasters are averted in lightning speed so your day can continue as planned.

Sewing kit

When choosing your dream wedding dress, you will have not only been searching for a style that suits you but finding the quality that makes you feel like a million dollars! Snags, tears, loose threads and ill-fitting garments are unfortunately common tales of wedding mornings, but you don’t have to have your seamstress on speed dial to get any problems that arise sorted. A sewing kit is the staple of any emergency wedding kit. Those sewing needles, safety pins, scissors and hem tape will be lifesavers. Stocking up on thread that matches your own dress, your bridesmaids’ dresses and your groom’s attire is another must.

Super glue

Broken heels, jewellery and other accessories can all be remedied temporarily with some good quality super glue so make this a part of your emergency wedding kit. Having a pair of flat bridal shoes on standby is another great idea. Even if you don’t use your spare flats in the case of a wedding related emergency, they’ll certainly come in handy when your feet get tired later in the evening.

Beauty bits and bobs

Your hair and makeup will certainly go through the wringer throughout your wedding day. Outdoor photoshoots, receiving plenty of hugs and kisses from your family and friends, and the happy tears that always show themselves at some point of the day will all take their toll. Being prepared to solve any hair or makeup malfunction is therefore vital so make sure you have those beauty bits and bobs to hand. Bobby pins, hair ties, comb, hairspray, lipstick, mascara, concealer and foundation will all come in handy when making those hair and makeup touch-ups.

A quick spritz of deodorant and/or perfume won’t go a miss either throughout the day. Whilst a packet of paracetamol will ensure headaches and other aches and pains don’t get in the way of your big day.


Your guests may have stocked up on the tissues for your ceremony and reception but be ready with your own supplies to wipe away those tears of joy.

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