Part Four : U – Z of British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Our final instalment of Wedding Traditions and Etiquette –

U – USHERS : The floor managers for the big day! Your Ushers should ensure your guests are in the right place at the right time and also will likely be the first face your guests will be greeted by!

CC - Meet & Greet

V – VEILS : There are a wide selection of styles available on the market. What will you choose?

CC - Veil

CC - Veils

W – WEDDING CAKE : Traditionally wedding cakes used to be tiered but nowadays why not add your personal touches to your wedding cake, cupcakes or even a ‘Cheese’ cake!

CC - Cheese Cake

CC - Cupcakes

X –  EXES : Should you invite your former partner or spouses?

CC - Seat

Y – YOU : Remember to have time on your day for yourselves! The day will go so quicky, it is important to have that time together to reflect on your special day.

CC - Couple

Z- Zzzz : Remember accommodation is a big part when deciding on your venue as well as having plenty of space for guests to sit during the evening, especially for Grandparents who might like a quiet area during the Party time!

CC - Evening reception

Emma at Clearwell Castle

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