Part One : A – G of British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be blogging about the A – Z of British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette.

Here are our A – G of Wedding traditions and Etiquette to help you with your wedding planning :

A – ARRIVAL : In British wedding tradition it is known that the Bride stands to the right of her Father and leads the procession with the Bridesmaids, Flower girls and Pageboys following. New tradition now starts with the Bridesmaids leading the procession first, building up the excitement for your guests and more importantly your Groom for your entrance!

CC - Bride

B – BRIDESMAIDS : Traditionally, Bridesmaids were used to ward off evil spirits and would dress simiarily to the Bride. Today Brides like to dress their girls in outfits which flatter their figures.

CC - Bridesmaids

C – CHILDREN : Children can create an exciting atmosphere at a wedding with lots of laughter and giggles!

CC - Flowergirls

D – DANCE : The first dance can be daunting however it is best to have one song picked out just incase as you will find your guests encourging you both out for a dance even if you have not considered one. Wedding equitte states that the Groom should dance with both Mothers, the Bride with both Fathers and the Mother of the Bride with the Father of the Groom and vice versa, not forgetting the Best Man with the Chief Bridesmaid.

CC - Frist Dance

E – ENGAGEMENT : It is tradition for the Father of the Bride to annouce his daughters engagement in the local Newspaper.


F – FAVOURS : The wedding tradition for favours used to be that 5 sugared almonds would be given to your guests representing fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. Nowadays wedding favours range from a variety of ideas including miniatures, lottery tickets and photographs.

CC - Almonds

G – GIFT LIST : Traditionally, couples would wait to see who was attending before circulating a gift list. Nowadays it is seen to be standard to include a gift card inside your invitations along with a poem or short message.

CC - Wedding Gifts


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