Part Three : P – T of British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Following on from our previous blog posts, we have listed the alphabet Wedding Traditions and Etiquette from P – T :

P –  PHOTOGRAPHS : One of the most important ways to capture every moment of the day. Whether it be your traditional group photographs or more natural shots, be sure to give your photographer a list of the shots you would like taken so nothing is missed!

CC - Photograph

Q – QUESTIONS : The last thing you want during your planning process and especially leading up to the big day is lots of questions! Be sure to provide your guests with all the relevant information, arrival times, local accommodation, parking facilities, wedding gifts and so on. Setting up a personal wedding website will help your guests find out all of the information they need!

CC - Wedding Website

R – RECEIVING LINE : The purpose of the receiving line is to greet all of your guests and thank them for being here to share your special day. Not all couples will decide to have a recieving line, why not circulate to each table during each course – perhaps a more personal alternative.

CC - Receiving Line

S – SPEECHES : The first wedding speech is given by the Father of the Bride, ending with a toast to the happy couple. The Groom will then thank the Brides’ parents and guests before making a toast to the Bridesmaids. Finally, it’s the Best Man’s speech!

CC - Speeches

T – TABLE PLANS : Wedding etiquette says that the top table should be (from left to right) : Chief Bridesmaid, Grooms Dad, Brides Mum, Groom, Bride, Brides Dad, Grooms Mum and Best Man. Sometimes table plans can become a nightmare, and the Top Table is entirely your choice as to who sits where. If you’re having trouble deciding, why not have a top table just for the two of you?

CC - Table Plan

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