Our top tips for personalising your hen or stag do

Personalisation is the key to weddings of all styles and sizes. Your ceremony and reception should after all reflect you as a couple. The same rule applies when planning those pre-wedding shenanigans, including your hen or stag do.

As well as making those last days of freedom count, the hen or stag do offers a great opportunity for the groomsmen and bridesmaids charged with organising this iconic celebration to give that special bride or groom in their life an amazing send-off as they leave singledom behind and embrace married life.

By using the following hen and stag do personalisation tips, you can create memories they’ll cherish for years to come.

Leave tradition at the door

For a truly personalised celebration, don’t be tempted to give in to the traditional idea of a stag or hen do as real-life bride Georgia detailed in this article from Confetti:

“Don’t be swayed by tradition. If your idea of fun isn’t downing ten pints and throwing up all night, then don’t do it! This do is all about YOU and it’s totally unique (hopefully!) so make sure you own it. If your idea of fun is sitting around doing embroidery with your seamstress friends, then sew away!”

Plan your activities accordingly

By leaving tradition behind, you can explore a whole world of opportunities when planning your hen or stag party activities. There are so many unusual, unique and quirky activities accessible to hen and stag parties, from sumo wrestling and axe throwing to hot tub boats, chocolate making classes and helicopter tours.

The possibilities are endless for brides and grooms wanting to do things a little differently. When choosing the perfect hen or stag do activity for you or that special person in your life, select something they’re passionate about or have never done before.

Whether you want to go big with your entertainment or keep things intimate, it’s certain to be an unforgettable experience.

Personalise the guest list

Hen dos aren’t strictly reserved for women and stag parties aren’t male-only events anymore, which means you don’t have to restrict your guest list with gender stereotypes in mind. You should plan your guest list to include all the people your bride or groom wants there; it’ll make the occasion as personal as it should be.

Just add games and music

Another way to make the stag or hen party all about the groom or bride at its centre is to introduce some personalised party games to the mix. Mr and Mrs quizzes, relationship scavenger hunts, and guess the memory games will give guests a deeper insight into the bride or groom’s story so far, and they’re lots of fun too!

Creating a playlist of all your bride or groom’s favourite tunes is another must for both hen and stag parties.

Don’t forget to accessorise

Whether you’re planning to get crafty with some DIY decorations or want to invest in made-to-measure accessories on behalf of your bride or groom, personalised goodies really make an occasion theirs. They’re also the perfect keepsakes for brides- or grooms-to-be and the rest of their hen or stag guests.

You’ll find tons of great hen and stag party accessories out there, and plenty more inspiration if you’d like to create your own.

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