Capturing your big day: Clearwell Castle


In this article we will focus on some fun and beautiful ways to capture your big day at Clearwell Castle. Situated within the glorious Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, the forest itself has ancient history, dating back to pre-Roman times. It was the ideal spot for Thomas Wyndham to build Clearwell Castle, or Clearwell Court as it was known then. Built in the Gothic style, the Grade II listed building has a fairytale air to it, with its high windows and Medieval motifs, one cannot help but think of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Ideal for couples looking for a statement wedding venue that emanates with tradition and luxury. For your wedding album, let’s start with the ballroom, this grand achievement of 17th century design is the epitome of regal splendour, boasting a 75ft aisle and giant leaded windows, you won’t find any place more extravagant than this.

For those brides out there who love the idea of capturing some romantic shots in this serene gilded room, but are a little unsure about mastering the right poses etc, and basically worried about not looking their best, then The Knot has some fabulous tips to get you posing like a pro. Alexis Wolfer, author of the book Radiant Bride, gave some advice on how brides can look and feel natural and comfortable. On the subject of contouring the face, she says – “A great picture is all about the angles—and a picture taken with you looking directly into the camera flattens out your natural ones by eliminating the shadows that help to contour your face. While that’s not to say you can’t look stunning in a straight-on shot, if you don’t have exceptionally pronounced bone structure, a slight tilt of your chin (either up or down) and turn of your cheek (to your best side, of course) will help to make your face look more chiseled.”

Now onto, or down to, the vaulted cellar. A little less regal, but still with that old world aesthetic, the cellar is a fine place for some boys only time, as the cellar is fitted out with a bar, this is a fine place for the groom and his groomsmen to be snapped having a bit of fun and frolics. If the bride and her bridesmaids are wanting some more feminine time, then the extravagant bedrooms offer the perfect place to get some pre-wedding snapshots.

A bride and groom on their wedding day

Remember, Clearwell Castle offers its house and grounds exclusively to you for your wedding day, so take the opportunity to have some photos taken across the vast grounds of Clearwell, with each season the grounds offer a couple’s (and photographer’s) dream choice of differing contrasts and styles.

We simply adore Confetti Daydreams 22 Wedding Photo Ideas and Poses, from a dreamy and a secretive smooch under the wedding veil to the couple lying in each other’s arms underneath a tree, surrounded by pages from an old book, these ideas would fit perfectly with Clearwell’s majestic surroundings.

Really, at Clearwell Castle, whichever poses and styles you go for, this magnificent place will not let you down.

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