Picking the perfect engagement party gifts

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Picking an engagement party gift can be tricky; in contrast to wedding party gifts, there are no obvious guidelines.  Wedding party gifts are generally practical items that a newly-married couple will use around the home, engagement party gifts should be more fun and romantic.

In addition, be sure to double check if an engagement party gift is required – as this is not always the case, as Heavy notes:

“If you are unsure about whether an engagement gift is expected, you can always contact one of the couple’s parents, or ask the person who is in charge or planning and hosting the engagement party. If it’s not a direct family member, it may be the maid of honor or best man who takes responsibility for engagement party planning. If this is the first engagement party you’ll be attending, you might not have a frame of reference for what an appropriate gift should cost. Generally speaking, the amount of money you spend on an engagement gift should be less than you spend for the wedding gift.”

Consider both the future bride and the future groom

In your choice of engagement party gift ideas, it’s important to include both the future bride and groom in your choice. Even if you only know one half of the couple, it’s important to consider them both when choosing your gift. Great engagement gift ideas include items that the couple can enjoy together, or items which celebrate their relationship.

There are many fun gift ideas, which are fabulous options for an engagement party. When it comes to choosing an enjoyable engagement party gift, you cannot go far wrong with a bottle of quality alcohol, whether you go for the classic champagne, or a nice bottle of wine – alcohol is always a welcome engagement party gift (unless the bride and groom to be are tee-total!).

Another fun engagement party gift maybe a couple’s boardgame that your friends can enjoy in their new home, after they are married. The Mr and Mrs board game, is a very popular game that involves couples’ answering a series of questions about one another – it’s a fun choice for a newly engaged couple.

Cookbooks can also be a fun option; while on the surface they may appear dull and practical, there are many fun options out there that couples’ will enjoy delving into and enjoying together. If you know the couple well, consider their favourite cuisine and invest in adventurous, colourful, or popular cookbooks, based on their cuisine of choice.

Personalised, romantic engagement party gifts are also a thoughtful option that will be appreciated by romantic couples.

Holding champagne

Champagne flutes, engraved with the couple’s initials, their wedding date, or their engagement date, are a gorgeous choice for a newly engaged couple. Elegant champagne flutes, engraved with something personal, perfectly celebrate the wonderful feel of an engagement party and include both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be in your gift choice.

Buying a nice frame and picking out a romantic photo of the couple is also another romantic option, that makes for both a charming and inexpensive gift choice.

Picking the right gift

Picking the right gift for an engagement party is not as hard as it first seems; there are many foolproof options, including alcohol, personalised presents, and fun board games.

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