Planning an intimate wedding? How to keep on top of your guest list

Over the years, our magnificent castle setting and acres of immaculate grounds have allowed us to host weddings of all sizes. In the past few years, more and more couples are choosing to tie their knot in front of a shorter guest list. They invite only their nearest and dearest to the big day, celebrating with the people closest to them.

Intimate wedding

Size certainly matters, and smaller weddings can make couples feel more relaxed. It also gives them the freedom to be more creative and personal. A reduced guest list makes it easier to keep a handle on budgets, too. While you may have the choice to scale back on certain things, you can use the spare funds to really splurge in other areas.

However, having an intimate wedding doesn’t mean less planning stress. Here at Clearwell Castle, we want to help you keep wedding planning stress to a minimum. Whatever the size of your party, our team is here to assist you with every aspect of the planning process, including keeping your guest list as small and intimate as you want your wedding to be.

Embrace the tiered system

Keeping your wedding guest list small is easier said than done, particularly if you come from a large family. Brides details a system that every couple should use to make sure everyone they invite is an A-lister:

“Most couples start plotting their guest list by divvying family and friends into A, B, and C tiers. For a small wedding, stick solely to the A group to ensure just those you’d really love at your celebration receive an invitation. A good rule of thumb is if they’re not on your holiday card list, you should not feel guilty about omitting them…Don’t worry that they’re going to see it on Facebook. It is what it is. People understand.”

Smaller wedding

Don’t stray too far into your past

Whilst it’s lovely to commemorate all the people who played a part in the couple you are today, keeping your guest list ‘current’ is important. If you haven’t talked to a potential guest in over a year, then don’t send an invite. If communication with said potential guest is strictly via email or Facebook, this doesn’t mean they should qualify for an invitation to your intimate soirée either.

Avoid the auto-invite

It’s all too easy for your wedding guest list to get out of control. Every family member or friend will have their own opinion of who you should be inviting, whether it’s your Grandmother’s sibling that you only see at landmark birthdays or funerals, a distant cousin that likes everything you post on Facebook, or a mum you exchange pleasantries with at the school gates. Resist the urge to auto-invite. It’s all too easy to do in the midst of wedding planning chat.

Many couples also feel that they have to invite people whose weddings they’ve attended over the years. If the couple whose wedding you attended aren’t close friends or the wedding was more than one year ago, it’s ok to leave them off your guest list.

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