Roses are red

A wedding bouquet made up of red roses

The colour of love, passion and romance, a red themed wedding is perfect for couples who want to really celebrate their nuptials in a vibrantly luscious manner. Of course, one can still be subtle with the inspiration too; with a careful eye for detail, you can incorporate every shade of red into your big day. Accessorising is simple, and concentrates on weaving in a bit of sensuality into the ceremony and reception.

Stunning stationery

Your first port of call, the wedding invitations, can kick start your red theme in style. As the colour of choice for betrothed couples, it is worth doing that extra bit of inspiration research to really make your invitations stand out from the crowd.

Instead of gilded brocades around the borders, you could opt for ruby red, giving that antique book flare with an essence of playful abandon. For unique floral designs, old Victorian lithographs and scientific drawings offer superb inspiration – bringing a touch of the antique to the invitation but being flexible enough to reinvent to suit your vision.

It’s best to refrain from bright red envelopes, which has more of a Christmas card feel to it. A better option is to have a set of ivory coloured envelopes with a mulberry border, giving your invitations a regal first impression.

Choosing the right bouquet

There is a mountain of ideas for a red bouquet, ranging from full-on fairy tale to bohemian. You could opt for roses in a variety of shades, peppered with white freesias or mixing gerberas with roses, juxtaposing them with bright yellow sunflowers. Alternatively, a handful of wild red flowers neatly tied with a silk bow give your bouquet that naturalistic feel. The Bridal Guide has compiled a wonderful collection of red themed bouquets which will definitely inspire.

Confetti being thrown at a wedding

The perfect cake

The wedding cake is a symbol of indulgence and celebration first and foremost, so this is the chance to really explore all avenues. If you want to go for a traditional three or four tiered white cake, then adding a plume of gorgeous brooding red lilies will give that punch you’re looking for. For the more adventurous, a red velvet cake decorated with antique gold motifs would be a captivating centrepiece.

Enchanting decor

From claret silk sashes across the seating to rows of rose petals down the aisle, choosing the right decor is not hard, as subtlety is the only golden rule here. For the ceremony, have the altar table festooned with some natural beauty – scattering bunches of red roses could offer a bold, beautiful rush of colour. At the reception tables, centre pieces of gilded vases filled with poppies or rose candles will conjure a bright and cheerful air. Clearwell Castle offers a luxurious set of candle packages, with a wide range to choose from including birdcages, hurricane vases and lanterns.

Over at, they have put together an amazing mood board of wedding receptions where red plays the dominant role.

If you get it right, your red wedding will be the talk of the town. Just remember that it’s all about the details, so start your research early.

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