Something Blue…

Trying to find something blue to honour the tradition can be a very tricky task. Here are some ideas for you to consider… Enjoy!

Why not marry in blue?  The most obvious answer is to wear a trendy blue wedding gown. From barely tinted to deep navy, it’s possible to find grand ball gowns in every shade of the color.

Clearwell Castle - Gown

Maybe ncorporate something blue into your attire, either rhinestones, embroidery, or crystal beading are a subtle touch, or add a blue sash for a bolder look.

Clearwell Castle - Blue Band

Let your fingers do the good luck talking with a pale turquoise nail polish shade.

Clearwell Castle - Nails

Cute shoes are a sassy and fun way of incorporating this lucky color. If you’re wearing a long dress, they’ll probably stay your little secret during the ceremony.

Clearwell Castle - Wedding Shoes

Natural “something blue” flowers include irises, delphinium, cornflower, hydrangea, grape hyacinth, tweedia, thistle, and forget-me-knots. You can also find many dyed flowers, like roses and carnations, though we suggest using only natural flowers for a nicer, more sophisticated look. Why not use a blue ribbon to wrap your bouquet?

Clearwell Castle - Blue Bridal Bouquet

Emma at Clearwell Castle

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