How to stop rain ruining your big day

Bride and groom with umbrellas

As much as you might love ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, you might not want your guests to resemble Gene Kelly á la the street lamp scene!

If you do want to avoid having Rihanna’s Umbrella as the soundtrack to your wedding, then there are all sorts of tips for preventing soggy, miserable guests being a feature of your wedding. Of course, a spectacular indoor wedding venue like Clearwell Castle could be the backdrop for your fairytale wedding.

Depending on the date of your Big Day, predicting the weather could be a real gamble. Small finishing touches – like having weather related back-up plans are as important as choosing seasonal flowers to make sure that your Big Day is completely suited to you and the time of year. And as much as we know that it is more likely to be a lovely, bright sunshiny day in July or August, if you are getting married in the UK you know that there are no guarantees for the Sun making an appearance. So, other than giving all of your guests personalised plastic ponchos what can you do to make sure that your day really makes a splash?


Everyone wants their Mary Poppins’ moment! You could have customised umbrellas made with you and soon to be spouse’s names so that if it does rain no one’s hairdo will be drenched! Umbrellas can also be easily and stylishly exchanged for picture perfect parasols if you end up with glaring sunshine causing people to want to escape into the shade.

Wellies and weatherproof wedding dresses

Having back up footwear like wellies will not only make sure that you avoid getting wet feet and then spending your Honeymoon laid up with a cold but will also ensure that you and your guests can have a good giggle and you’ll have some highly amusing and unusual wedding photos to look back on with a smile.

Above all, don’t forget to weatherproof your wedding dress! Whether you’re getting married in July or October, you will need to make sure that you can have photos outside (when and if the rain stops) by having a wrist loop sewn into your underskirts enabling you to walk around outside without bring the outside back in again with you afterwards stuck to your skirts! So, make sure that your dress is suitable for all terrains!


Having an area where your guests, and you, can seek shelter if necessary during the day will ensure that everyone stays happy, not to mention dry! Some bandstands look super cute. Whilst you’re off having your photos taken, your guests can be under shelter enjoying some canapés and champagne and chatting out of the rain.

Stay snap happy

Have a good chat with photographer and/or videographer in advance of the wedding so that if it is raining everyone knows what they’re doing and you’re not stood around trying to think of a back up plan last minute under pressure!


If it does rain, enjoy it! Make a joke out of it! Rain is what Britain is famous for! Having funny wellies each and standing under umbrellas will make sure you have humorous photos to last a lifetime, not to mention stories your guests will remember forever. And remember, according to @WeddingSchoolSA rain on your wedding is lucky as it’s a, “Symbol of fertility, of new starts, unity and renewal”! What more of a good omen could you ask for as you start your married life together?

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