Sweet ways to personalise your bridal bouquet

There are so many options for making your big day your own. We’re no stranger to delivering advice on personalisation, with several aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception able to be modified as a result.

Custom design shouldn’t be reserved for your wedding signage and décor however. Your bridal bouquet is a prime candidate for personalisation.

Brides up and down the country are choosing to tailor this very important flower arrangement with sweet and sentimental touches, adding extra meaning to an already poignant occasion. In this blog post, we share the top ways to accessorise and personalise your bridal bouquet.

Wrap it up

Bouquet wraps may be a traditional design choice but with countless wrap options available, you can wrap your bouquet your way to create a truly individual finish. The perfect finishing touch, bouquet wrap ideas range from intricate lace and fancy crystals to colourful ribbons, rustic buttons, and satin bows.

Choosing a material that has a story behind it is a great way to personalise your wrap choice further. The material could be a swatch from a lost loved one’s favourite outfit or fabric from your soon-to-be husband’s favourite shirt. If he’s generous enough to donate it to your design cause.

Add some sparkle

Incorporating crystals and jewels into a bridal bouquet is no new thing. Making the entire bouquet out of things that sparkle is however. Brooches once adorned fashion forward brides.

They may have fell out of favour with modern brides, but those family heirlooms needn’t go to waste. The brooch bouquet is the perfect way to enjoy a bouquet that’s a little out of the ordinary as Confetti describes:

“For brides who don’t want a floral bouquet, the brooch bouquet is the one for you. These beautiful bouquets are handcrafted from brooches in silver, gold, and studded with an array of coloured gems. For those who want both, brooches and flower you can! The combination of the two look amazing and won’t cost the earth.”

It’s not just old brooches that can be used to add sparkle and intrigue to the average bridal bouquet. Lockets, decorative pins and other trinkets that have sentimental value can be worked into the arrangement to guarantee plenty of glitz and glamour.

Pay homage to your roots

Each flower variety has a poignant meaning or background. Some celebrate a particular place, thistle for instance is popular with Scottish brides. Patriotic English brides can incorporate red or white roses.

Other blooms may have a more personal meaning. Prince Harry honoured his mother Diana with a touching tribute by incorporating the Princess of Wales’ favourite flower, forget-me-nots, into the royal bouquet.

Send a message with your bouquet

We recently wrote about how grooms can surprise their brides with secret or sentimental messages, but the bride can do the same for her groom courtesy of her bouquet design. The wrap can be adorned with a message of love – whether it’s from your heart or a beautiful quote written by someone else.

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