Symbols of Love

Love is recognised universally through many different signs and symbols that we share on a day to day basis, stimulating positive energy and opening up new opportunities. Here is a glimpse of just a few love symbols that have been used around the world.

Lips: Associated with kissing and passion!

Cupid: According to a well known myth, he uses his bow and arrow to strike romance into people’s hearts.

Arrow: Symbolises strength and love.

Chocolate: Gift of a lover and said to be better than flowers, what you do think?

Mistletoe: Gives anyone the opportunity for a kiss during the Christmas season.

Wedding rings: Represents unity – ‘until death do us part.’

Roses: Red roses symbolises love and passion and white roses virginity and purity

Here at Clearwel Castle we think the heart shape symbol is the best love icon, what do you think?

Davina at Clearwell Castle

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