Tasty wedding cake ideas

Fruit cake dressed up in thick white icing is the traditional style of wedding cake. But if you are looking to explore an alternative kind of cake for your wedding, then there are many different options to choose from. Read on for some more ideas.

Experiment with other flavours

When it comes to your wedding, the traditional fruit cake can be a rich option that may not suit everyone. A simple victoria sponge compliments the richness and sweetness of sugary wedding cake icing and can be a lighter option for a heavier wedding day meal. Chocolate cake is another favourite, great for down to earth couples who are looking for something that will please every guest.

Tarek from The Hummingbird Bakery explains the charm of going for a different flavour of wedding cake: “It seems to be that brides and grooms are increasingly opting for creative wedding cake flavours that offer a break from tradition. At our bakeries…  we’re probably best known for our Red Velvet cake. The deep red colour of the sponge against the cream cheese frosting really makes for a special moment when cutting the cake. Couples are also choosing to offer a variety of cake flavours at their reception, whether that’s a tiered cake comprised of different flavours or a cupcake tower with assorted cupcake flavours.”

Go for a savoury cheesecake

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Why not go for a savoury cheesecake, artfully arranged in three-tiers like a traditional wedding cake? A savoury cheesecake is a fun and creative alternative to the classic wedding cake, which will make a great impression on your guests. Also offering up a sweet option for dessert will keep everyone happy.

Cheesecake tower

Work with the seasons

If you’re looking for an alternative style of cake, take time to consider how the season of your wedding can come into play.

A sweet cheesecake works beautifully for the colder seasons, while a pavlova decorated with a variety of berries is perfect for spring.

Mixed berries on a pavlova

Go for quirky eats

In contrast to a wedding cake, you can play around with other unique and quirky sweet options. Trading in wedding cakes for cupcakes, cookies, or doughnuts is a trend which is becoming more and more popular.

Alternatively, you may like to venture out into less well known sweet treats. One Fab Day recommends trying ‘Wedding Croquembouche’, describing it as: “A traditional French pastry, this confection is comprised of fluffy, bite-size cream-filled choux pastries just like éclairs, which are assembled into a cone shape using caramel syrup (yum!) The traditional decoration for the dessert is spun sugar ribbons but they can also be drizzled with chocolate, icing sugar or caramel.”Croquenbouche

Savory cheesecake and alternative cake flavours; there is a world of alternatives out there to the traditional wedding fruitcake.

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