Bucket list of things to do before you’re married

Getting married is one of life’s major milestones. As a result, many people have set ideas about all the things they want to have achieved before they walk down the aisle and begin a brand new phase of life. As @elephantjournal says, ”We owe it to ourselves – and to the person we will marry – to experience as much of life as we can, so that when we do promise forever, we will actually know enough about life to know what that means.”

If you don’t feel you’ve achieved everything you wanted to before walking down the aisle, writing a wedding bucket list could be just the solution. Giving you a clear list of goals, a bucket list could help you achieve everything you want before your big day.

Go on a friends only holiday

Sometimes, when people get married they end up seeing less of their friends. A great way to firm up relationships with your nearest and dearest, and enjoy a little ‘me’ time, is to jet off on a friends only holiday before you get hitched. If you’re pushed for time, you could combine this holiday with your hen or stag do. If time isn’t an issue, get your crew together and enjoy a week or two of fun in the sun.

Go travelling with your other half

If you plan to start a family fairly soon after getting married, now is the perfect time to do some travelling. Take a month or more off of wedding planning, pack your bags, and jet off to somewhere exciting to enjoy some real adventure with your other half.

As well as being a fantastic opportunity to see a little more of the world, this is a great chance to make some memories with your wife- or husband-to-be before diving into family life.

Write a love letter

Chances are that the run up to your wedding will be one of the most loved-up times of your life. Take advantage of all the emotions swirling around to write your other half a heartfelt love letter.

Though it might sound cheesy, putting your feelings down on paper is a great way to express yourself. What’s more, you can read the letters in the future to help remind yourself why your love is so special.

Go out

Although life definitely doesn’t end when kids come along, things like clubbing, eating out, and going to festivals all become much more difficult. Store up some great memories for the future by taking the time to have a little fun in the run up to your wedding.

Try all the fancy restaurants in your area, go on a city break, hit your favourite club, and spend a hedonistic weekend at a festival.

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