Top 5 alternative centrepieces

Table flowers

If a vase of peonies or roses simply won’t suffice, there alternatives out there for couples who really want to push the envelope. In this post, we explore some quirky yet beautiful centrepieces for your wedding reception tables. From the elaborate to the minimal, the colourful to the subdued, we think these are the most outstanding. Read on to find out more…

1. Bold birdcages

Ok, so you love the idea of including flowers in your wedding table centrepiece, but you want to shake up the presentation a bit. Well, we adore this idea from Bridalguide, who have opted to stuff pastel shaded birdcages with exotic flowers. It’s so charming and very distinctive, absolutely perfect if you’re going down the rustic or bohemian route for your wedding’s overall theme.

About the centrepiece, they write: “For a garden wedding weave ivy or a few flowers into the cage if you choose, or set a few candles inside to create a more intimate mood.” We definitely think adding the flowers is the best idea.

2. Eastern style lantern

This is ideal, as lanterns are a timeless table accessory. You can choose either a Moroccan style with gorgeous coloured glass, or keep it simple with a gold frame and clear glass. Either way, it’s going to be magnificent, especially if you’re having an evening reception.

3. Simple autumnal leaves

We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love the gorgeous months of Autumn. That’s why so many weddings take place during this special time, when the trees and bushes around us are turning that hypnotic mix of colours. So, if you’re having an Autumn wedding, this idea from Offbeat Bride is just the ticket!

Simply take a plain glass vase and overfill it with a variety of leaves from the local area. If you find some sturdy ones, you can even write the names of each guest and use them as alternatives to place cards.

4. Tea cup towers

Tea cup

If you’re going for a fairytale or literary theme, then this idea will suit you. It instantly conjures up images of the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Lewis Carroll’s classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Simply source some old bone china tea cups, stack three to six on each table and place bold coloured flowers in them. It will lend a whimsical flavour to the entire event.

5. Seashell & coral candle holder

If you’ve chosen a nautical theme to your wedding day, perhaps consider an idea taken from Wedding Window. Use coral and seashells to create candle holders and to really buy into the style. You might consider vases filled with pebbles from the beach as well, instead of floral centrepieces.

These are just a handful of ideas, and there’s many more which will delight and intrigue. Let us know your favourites.

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