Top Tips for Organising an Unforgettable Hen Party

How do you organise the perfect hen party? The hen party can often be a daunting task for any maid of honour and the bridesmaids. Where to go? What time of year? How far in advance of the wedding? What to do? Who to invite?

Here are some top tips for making your hen party unforgettable!

Clearwell Castle - Girls

– The nightmare can start with who to invite? If you think there are people who will clash, split the day up with a tranquil spa day for the mother-in-laws with a wild evening of fun for the party animals. Or why not two hen do’s to suit two types of activities that everyone will enjoy.

– Plan well in advance and decide a date a few weeks or months before the wedding so that everyone who is on the guest list will be able to make it and get time off work to come. Giving people plenty of notice will allow everyone to try and make arrangements.

– Think about the budget that everyone is prepared to pay towards to the hen party. This will of course determine where you decide to go and for how long.

– Where to go? Many people decide to have a night in with girls, where as others may wish to have a night at the local pub or even go abroad. One of the most popular destinations at the moment is Marbella. Wherever you choose to go, do some research of the places you would like to stay and what the area has to offer to the party. Don’t forget your passports!


– Don’t go over board and try and cram everything in, plan your party carefully and enjoy it!

– Remember a hen party is to have fun so relax and enjoy it!


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